June 28, 2013

Make the switch to Bloglovin'

Hello friends!

This is just a short and sweet note to tell you how you can follow my blog and others that you read, very easily! Simply go to Bloglovin.com, sign up and add each blog that you follow. For those of you that use Google Reader, you can simply import your list of blogs into Bloglovin (you should anyways, since Google Reader becomes non-existent on Monday, July 1).

I like Bloglovin because it's so easy to use. I get an email in my inbox everyday, and I can access all the new posts from my favorite blogs at a go! In addition, I can find new blogs very easily, as Bloglovin categorizes blogs by interest - Wedding, Fashion, DIY, Beauty, Art, Photography, Decor and more!

Add my blog to your bloglovin' account by clicking on the button below, or my link on the sidebar.

See ya!

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  1. Just saw all the styles you did for 31 days. *Bows*
    My hair stays natural under my weave. I can't even sit to learn to take care of it, let alone attempt to do what you did.

    1. Thanks girl.

      I think my hair's ready for a break though. Braids and weaves/wigs galore!


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