June 24, 2013

Eeeeeeeeeeeek! I have butterflies in my tummy...

No, this has nothing to do with Cakes, and EVERYTHING to do with HENRY CAVILL aka MAN OF STEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh - Em - Gee!!

This guy is TOO FOINE for words! Like, I was watching the movie with Cakes and I couldn't take my eyes off this beautifully handsome specimen! His eyes are just gorgeous! THAT BODY!!!

*Dear Cakes, if you see this post, don't read it. And if you've read up until now, pretend I'm talking about you.*

JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMMMMMMMMMMN, I want to marry Henry Cavill!

Look at that smile!

I'm going to cry because he's too hawt :(

Do you think it's the white shirt? *makes mental note to buy 10 white shirts for Cakes*

I dare you not to swoon over these eyes!

Ouuuuuuch! I totally bumped my head when I fainted just now.


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  1. That guy is hot, the eyes, the smile, that body! BUTTT...I felt he couldn't act very well :(

  2. Yes the man is beyond delish, but the movie....*tueh*

    Just awful.

  3. I agree with Myne, the acting lacked depth but that bod?!!! Wow! You should have seen the look of disgust on my man's face as I literally covered him with drool at the cinema. My OMG moment was when he kicked down a door in the burning rig and he was naked chest up and was on fire, I mean the sight of the flames licking up his naked torso was.....I totally enjoyed the fight scenes and it was nice to see my fave superhero get a makeover, love the new costume and the departure from the good, geeky Clark Kent into a real hunk of a man. Great Movie, 5 popcorns from me!

  4. @Myne: He's not the greatest actor, but his eyes are sooooooo dreamy!

    @TWP: Lol, the movie wasn't that bad. I actually want to see it again.

    @Bex: YOU KNOW WARRAMSAYIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmm mmm MMM!! He's definitely God's creation!!!

  5. Berry, get a grip of yourself jooo. Lol.

  6. @Berry get over urself, wat will u now say about, Shia Lebouff, Christian bale, Michael early and Dr Jackson in Grey's Anatomy

  7. @ilola - NO!

    @Millz - Shia (boring), Bale (boring), Ealy (even more boring). Now Avery Jackson - HECKS YEAH!!!!!!!!!

  8. He is a very good actor me thinks! I have never heard of Cakes but he played a major role in the Tudors a quality BBC production. Google his pics there to


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