June 12, 2013

Dakara Shout Out - African Naturalistas

Hello friends :)

This is not a paid advertisement (although maybe it should be - @ilola)

I regularly contribute to another blog, African Naturalistas. It's a website that's geared to the African woman who's interested in, curious about, or has natural hair.

*Dear friends, I've met a number of Nigerians who call relaxed hair, natural. It's RELAXED. There's relaxed, natural, texturized, and I heard of a new one, texlaxed.*

Anyways, I contribute on Fridays, and I think you should visit and take a look-see.

Some of my favorite posts since I started are below:

*Ish Girls Say - Natural vs Relaxed Hair
Do Naturals Discriminate?
Things that have been said to me because of my hair

Happy reading!

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  1. Aww, so sweet. As per your payment, wharabout a kiss from me?

    You too dey pose. This your shades no easy rara.

    1. No kizzing!

      Drop me some USD, GBP, and erm, how do you write Euros?

  2. Going to check that out. I've been "natchi" for like a decade now. It's funny because a lot of my friends now are kind of surprised when they see old pictures of me rocking the perm.


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