May 13, 2013

Your boyfriend bought you WHAT?!

"A cookbook."

*insert moment of confusion mixed with a blank stare* (:-S + (:-| = (:-/



As a typical drama-queen, my first reaction to a situation like this would be: What the heck is that supposed to mean? Is he trying to say that you can't cook? Is he trying to say that he wants you to cook for him? Wait... did you ask him for a cookbook? Ok, what kinda cookbook is it - Baking, Asian, French, etc (the cuisine matters)? Did he say he bought it for you, or it's for two of you to cook together with? Do you like to cook? Was it out of the blue? Had you talked about cooking beforehand? Is he trying to send you a message? And if he is, WHAT IS THE MESSAGE here?!?!

I think that there are some gifts guys should just not buy for their wives/girlfriends:

  1. COOKWARE/COOKBOOK - If she's not a chef and she didn't ask you for one, you're asking for trouble.
  2. CLEANING STUFF - How about I mop the floor with your face?!
  3. EXERCISE EQUIPMENT - If she's not a fitness junkie, or she hasn't asked you to help her, then get ready for a deluge of tears and insecurity on her part. 
  4. CLOTHES THAT ARE TOO BIG - It means that you think she's fat
  5. CLOTHES THAT ARE TOO SMALL - It means you want her to lose weight
  6. SELF-HELP BOOKS - Are you saying I need help? :-O
Let's focus on this cookbook thing though. What does it mean when a guy buys his gf/wife a cookbook, if she didn't ask for one?

Berry :)


  1. u get wahala oh this babe....

    1. LOL! *hides face* I'm not all that bad, I promise :)

  2. Looollll. Na wa o. At least, he's caring enough to want her to learn, not one to dump her in the name of 'she can't cook'

  3. Nothing wrong in that. Probably thinks you are an adventurous cook. I have loads of cookbooks given to me by my husband and children. No need to throw a tantrum. Take it in good faith and start cooking up. No biggie. Thoughtful gift. Better than an exercise video(which I have got).

  4. A cook book wouldn't bother me. I like to cook and have received cookbooks from friends for my birthday. I would love boxing classes, cooking, sewing and photography equipment because those are things I enjoy. If it was a topic I was sensitive about though, I would see how that could be upsetting. And honestly though I don't want "practical" gifts all the time. I like the "just because" gifts. exercise videos abeg. That is quarter to hinting about weight. Unless I asked. But bring on the exercise clothes.

    Anyway, I nominated you for the Liebster award because I discovered your blog yesterday and thought it was cute. Check the post for more details:

    1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Yay me! Yay you! Thank you!

      I like "just because" gifts too, but they make me feel soooo self-conscious and shy :)

    2. LOL @ shy. Me I like to be Ms.Oga-from-the-background so I hear you jare. But here we are on the interwebs live and direct. *SMH*

  5. LOL! i used to be that dramatic till i figured i wasn't doing myself any good.
    i'd just smile and say thank you.
    no fuss. it is,however still a thoughtful gift.

  6. Lol. As a foodie I wouldn't mind receiving a cookbook. I'd find it quite thoughtful actually.
    Even better if he gets into the kitchen with me too. A bit of a feminist when it comes to that..

    1. Well, yeah. If you love cooking, it'd be a great present.

      And it's romantic if you cook together. NOT "Ok, I bought you a cook book. Make something while I sit in front of the tv."


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