October 10, 2016

Candy Vault Nail Spa and Shoes Opening

Last weekend, I was invited by The B Firm PR to a salon/boutique opening in Atlanta. As you know, I frequently attended such events in Lagos, Nigeria and since moving back to the US, my events-hopping waned. So I was happy to be invited and I look forward to more great shindigs happening in Atlanta.

Candy Vault Nail Spa and Shoes is exactly what the name is - it's a nail salon, as well as shoe boutique. The shop is owned by Jennifer and Shawna, who met in high school. They both had different strengths - Jennifer liked ultra-feminine high heels, and Shawna liked diverse tomboy sneakers. Together, their new store was born.

I like the decor of the nail section a lot, especially the black, red and white color scheme. 

My cousin got her nails done and totally loved the results, which I somehow forgot to take photos of. I think she got a shellac mani, or maybe it was gel.

I like this nifty thingy they had to soak her nails in, instead of the regular bowl at other salons.

Their shoe section is on the other side of the store, and houses pretty heels and funky sneakers.

You guys know I'm not a sneaker girl, so I also forgot to take photos of them myself :p
I met another blogger there - her name is Tennielle, and she blogs over at Pretty and Perched. We had a really nice convo and I hope we get to hang out more soon.

Jennifer, who co-owns the store, also makes bath salts that I got a whiff of.

I bought the peppermint one on the left - it smells AMAZING!

Candy Vault is located at 572 Edgewood Avenue, Suite 119. You can shop them online here.


  1. Very Nice.
    Looking forward to seeing more posts on events you attend in Atlanta.
    Bath Salts, Bath Bombs, Body polish, Epsom Salt, What is the difference o??

    Tuke's Quest

    1. Me too! I have one I'm very excited about at the end of October :)

      My dear, I dunno the difference o. Wait, I just googled it - Epsom Salt is made of magnesium sulfate, whereas Bath Salts have sodium chloride in it.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! The salon is so lit... the nifty thing they use for soaking nails is cool too, Saw it once in a salon here too. You looked good and bubbky too Berry. And I love that Tee Shirt she is wearing!! 100% pure brown sugar for real!!!

    Bohemian Style / Boho Chic 

  3. Umm, please what event at the end of October??? *brings out notepad*


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