October 12, 2016

Nacha Kama Photography

I'd like to introduce you to Nacha Kama Photography. As you know, photography is something I am quite interested in and have been considering turning into a side hustle, so it pleases me to share a few photos from my friend, Nacha. Also note that she's currently showing some of her works at the City of University of New York, so if you're in the area, have a look see! 
Nacha is based in New York, USA and Lagos, Nigeria with a strong background in fashion and fine arts. Ms. Kama studied at The City University of New York, York College where she earned a BSc in Information Systems Management with a minor in Studio Arts. She has tutored pinhole photography, black and white photography, and digital photography at City University of New York, York College and Lagoon Secondary School Lekki, in Lagos Nigeria. Nacha captures in both black and white, and color photography and shoots in both digital and 35mm film. Nacha also does portraits (family and single - I don't know if that's the terminology).

I hope you liked seeing her photographs! Check out the time I visited Nike Art Gallery in Lagos. here

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