October 14, 2016

Berry Lovely Links


I know this is several weeks late *hides face* but my Lovely Links are still something I look forward to sharing with you every Friday! Here's to scheduling these links ahead of time aye?!

  1. Dee Mako is currently in the middle of her project, 30 Days of Nigerian Fashion.
  2. If you're a blogger, then you might enjoy these 10 Examples of How to Start a Blog Post.
  3. Are you stressed out after work? Check out 10 Ways to De-stress After a Bad Day.
  4. I have asked this question several times - Why Do Police Shoot to Kill?
  5. 13 Tips for Organizing/Cleaning Your Laptop might be handy for some people... aka me.
  6. Are any of the guys in agreement with 11 Websites Every Modern Gentleman Should Bookmark? 


  1. Checked out number 2.....i needed to break the ice on my blog..lol
    still trying though.*covers face*
    Hi Berry it feels good reading your post.

  2. I quickly went to the one on how to start a blog post because anything about blogging naturally pulls me in. Thanks for always sharing, Berry!


  3. I will certainly follow up on this post, thanks for sharing Berry. Or is it Sweet Berry.


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