August 12, 2014

What I did this Weekend: Friends, Family, L'Espace

Hey everyone,

I hope you've gotten off to a great start this week! Mine is being quite wonky to be honest. But I'm refusing to be stressed out anymore. If it works out, fine. If it doesn't, that's their business - a customer will be lost for life, and there are other vendors. Anyways, I digress. My weekend was full of activity [again]. Honestly, I really feel like I hardly do anything at all, but my friends and family always joke about me being a social butterfly - so NOT true.

I rushed home after work, so that Cakes and I could head over to my dearest Lin's house to chill. We ate (yummy prawns, snails, spring rolls, samosas), drank (mojitos, champagne, water, etc), chatted about Ebola, and watched a family video. I forgot to take pictures, so just try and imagine it in your head. Meanwhile, I decided that night that I was sick and tired of my twists. I determined that my front edges were being twisted and dry, and so I made up my mind to take them off that night. However, when I got home, I was exhausted and saved that activity for the next day.

home decor
My Instagram
Since I don't have pictures of Friday's hangout, at least enjoy this picture of mine and Cakes' dining area. Thank goodness for Instagram and filters!

I stayed home for the better part of the day. I woke up early and decided to take out my twists while watching TV, cooking, and cleaning. I don't know if I've mentioned here that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE old movies! TCM is one of my favorite channels, and if I lived by myself, I would spend weekends sitting in front of the TV. On Saturday, Girl Happy was on and it starred Elvis Presley. I've never seen what was so sexy about him, but fashi, NOW I know! I can totally understand females going crazy and throwing themselves at him!
Anyways, after the twists were off, I deep-conditioned my hair and finished my chores. The day before, L'Espace by LPM had sent an invitation via Instagram for a shopping event. I decided to go, while Cakes made a cake delivery. However, he was tired, so I drove with him to deliver the cake...,

lagos cake maker

cakes in lagos
Instagram: @Cakesiena (Cake photos by Jeffrey Olalekan - 08055630918)
and then breezed into L'Espace for a few minutes (I scored a fabulous printed blazer and 3 bracelets).
berry dakara
L'Espace (does anyone know the correct pronunciation?)
 berry dakara blog

berry and cakes

bella naija
Berry and Cakes - your favorite friendly cake deliverers!
Finally, we ended up having dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant, Bangkok. Sooooooooo yummy!!! *After all my healthy eating and exercise during the week, I undid it all over the weekend :(*
Fried rice with Chicken
Seafood Pad Thai

Cakes had A LOT of deliveries on Sunday morning, so I was late to church but the topic of discussion was Ebola. Now, I'm not saying people should not have faith, but I was quite irritated when I heard comments like,
"Forget the Ebola helpline number, JESUS is the cure," 
"Enh, I can walk in the middle of people that have Ebola and I won't get it because I'm a Christian"
"All that washing hand this and that, just pray and declare Psalm 91"
*this wasn't the Pastor or speaker o, just some people sitting around me*

I'm sorry, but neglecting to take care of your body because Jesus CAN heal all diseases is foolish, in my opinion. So out of the 900+ people that have died across the country, someone's trying to say that none of them were Christians?!?! Actually, the words uttered in reply to my question was "They're not real Christians. They didn't have faith." Okay o! That's how people died over the weekend, because they were bathing in warm salt water, drinking salt water and quoting Psalm 91 at the same time. God created your body, and He expects you to take care of it. He also gave you a mind and need I remind you about Proverbs continually hammering on COMMON SENSE?

After church, Cakes and I had lunch at Cafe Royal and it was sooooooooooo good! I can't believe I've been in Lagos for 2.5 years and had never gone there! The fries were delectable, and my shrimp sandwich was mmm, Mmm, MMM!

Then we went a-visiting Cakes' family, and then my sister-in-law by marriage. Her son made it a point to tell me that he didn't like me, LOL! He's 2 and a half years old, so no worries. Her other son is 7-months old and sooooo adorable!!! Anyways, it was a nice time.

And now, I must allow myself some vanity because I was feeling myself like mad on Sunday. If anybody dares to tell me I looked less than polished enh?!?!?!?!?!?!

LOL, I apologize in advance for this picture.
Getting my Kara Kardashian on!!!  
Found these earrings when cleaning up on Saturday. Thanks mummy or sisters, whoever bought them.

My LOVE earrings and my HEART ring :)

I told you I was feeling myself. Thanks to my beautiful blazer from L'Espace by LPM

And that was my weekend :)

Berry Dakara Instagram

Have a lovely rest of the week my dahlings! Don't forget to wash your hands regularly, and supplement with hand sanitizer if you're in Nigeria. And everywhere else too - it's not a bad habit to have.

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  1. The pronunciation is "less-pass"

  2. U had a lovely weekend :) was indoor all through! :( Have a lovely week too :)

  3. U had a fun weekend! I was home all through :( Have a lovely week as well :)

  4. You had a really lovely weekend filled with lots of yummy goodness (love your blazer). I really need to go to the Bangkok place.

  5. First of all, i love your dining!!! It is super cute. Yes and that your shrimp sandwich is giving me life, thanks for making me hungry!

  6. Luv ur dining! The cake is soo cute men I miss Nigeria! Berry I think ur going to cause problems for someone cos I am craving the food and Oga has to do something oh

  7. Beautiful Berry! Your dining area is lovely and that cake looks so yummy, your husband has a gift. Have a lovely week.

  8. Yoo! Cakes' amazing!

    Dope blazer too and pretty dinning area btw.

  9. I love you berry. And No! U don't look unpolished. I am a silent reader of ur blog. Infact this is goin to be my first time commenting....Yayyy me! Dunno how I came across ur blog last year, but I went thru ALLLL ur posts...and I luv d way u write and all.
    P.s: I make cakes too, can I come work for cakes?

  10. This Cakes guy is just a genius. Berry, come and carry me to Cafe Royale naa. You have complained that I don't go out, so come and train em, lol. *muah*

  11. L'espace = less pass
    I see you upping your makeup game ;)
    I love your dining area!! (Is the writing on the wall?)
    And yes, co-sign about Cafe Royal. It is lovely

  12. Amazing cake by cakes, wowwwww. Love the 'hurrs', 'lipsy', blazer and LWD. Yes, cafe royal is the place.

  13. You love your food don't you lol. That cake is ace!

  14. your dining area is amazing....
    that cake... i wish i saw this before my mums birthday... :(

  15. I love your blazer, that cake is too beautiful, fell in love with it from Instagram.

  16. Ur look=pretty, dinning=lovely, Cakes=so creative. Grt weekend.
    Plz,does Cakes train or own a baking school?
    I LOVE HIS CAKES,tho i nva tasted one b4.


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