August 13, 2014

Don't Worry, Be Happy

If you'd driven to work with me this morning, you would have seen me humming, oohing, mmming, and whistling along to Bobby McFerrin's song... all this with tears in my eyes. As soon as the song started, I remembered that Robin Williams, who tragically killed himself this week was in the video. I thought to myself, "This was a man who brought laughter and joy to so many people, and yet had pain within him." It's really sad, and I wish he didn't have to go like that.

If you're feeling sad, alone, depressed, for whatever reason, please talk to someone. Please tell someone. Hey, you can even email me! But don't go through it alone. I've been there and it literally feels like you're surrounded by darkness - it took the prayers of my family and others to God before I was able to get out of that funk (I barely spoke to anyone for 3 weeks and it's one of my most painful memories, and always brings tears to me).

You are NOT ALONE!

And with that, here's the titular video - my heart goes out to Mr. Williams' family.

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  1. Thanks Berry for helping me out..RIP Robin.

  2. Hmmm my dear it's so sad. R.I.P robin Williams. Bolaji talked to me constantly that's how I got out of mine.

  3. True....thanks Berry. RIP Robin Williams

  4. Thanks for sharing dear. I read an article about a guy that attempted suicide. A few minutes before he attempted to take his life, someone walked up to him to take a picture of herself and her frends and they did not notice how sad and depressed he looked, In his narration of the miniutes before his attempted suicide, this was the last straw, for him, it meant nobody cared.
    I and my hubby had a deep conversation about how people around us can be lonely or worse still depressed and we would probably not notice simply because the world today is so fast paced, and we are constantly too peroocupied and busy to be still and and really take note of everyone around us and we made a decision to be more attentive.


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