August 1, 2014

PSA - More on Ebola

Hey guys,

I got a broadcast this morning that Bitter Kola has been verified internationally as a cure against Ebola. That eating it slows down or inhibits growth of the virus in your body.

PLEASE NOTE: In 1999, BBC posted an article about this topic. This is what people are using to broadcast this information now, 15 years later. According to the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control in 2014, there is still no verified cure for Ebola. That is not to say, vaccines or drugs aren't being researched. But there is nothing that is clinically verified for use right now.

Please DO NOT spread that broadcast if you get it. The information is outdated.

Berry Dakara.

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  1. Someone said that in the salon recently and I had to get all science and tell them what kind of virus it was, how it works and why that info was false. This was how false news was spread about HIV...smh.


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