August 21, 2014

Events this Weekend

Hello loverly loves!

I just want to share some events this weekend that I think would be fun to attend. Yeah yeah, social butterfly, blah blah blah. It's good to go out and connect with people. JUST REMEMBER to take your hand sanitizers and keep a small bottle of hand wash handy (hehe, hand - handy, *chuckles* I slay myself!!!).

Without further ado...

The first event is called THE CONVO. It's an interactive mixer for mature adults who are single and dating (and they said us Marrieds can come too, cos I was about to go and picket the event for D.A.M. aka Discrimination Against Marrieds :p). Anyways, the flyer's below and it looks like it would be a fun event. You have buy tickets BEFOREHAND at Afritickets before 9pm TODAY, and the event starts at 2:45pm this Saturday at Nike Art Museum and Gallery.

The next event is a book reading by Ebi Akpeti. She has written "God Has A Sense of Humour," which is a  collection of short funny stories, that includes powerful messages for women and the men who love them :) This event starts at 3pm, also on Saturday, at Bogobiri House in Ikoyi. There'll be music, comedy, and you can always get drinks and food there.

Ebi was one of the participants during the TW Fitness Challenge from last year.

And that my friends should ensure you have a fun and uplifting weekend, if you live in Lagos.

Have a pretty day :)
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  1. I have read Ebi's books. I'm sure this will be equally nice. Way to go girl!!

  2. Thanks for your recommendation. I went to Amazon, and bought it right after seeing it here on Sunday, and I finished it quicker than I've finished any book in a long time. Really good writing, and touches on so many challenges women face, and handles them from a Christian perspective.

    1. Oh, that's great! I haven't gotten around to reading it yet, but will do soon enough.


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