April 29, 2019

Writers Block is a Rhymes-With-Witch


I am having the worst case of writers block ever! Okay, not ever. But honestly, I'm stumped. I don't know what to write about - that's why I have not been posting. I think it's a mix of writers block and if I'm being honest, laziness or lack of discipline. The plan was to use my weekends to plan out content for the blog - usually about 2 weeks in advance. At the start of the year, I actually had my blog content planned out for the first two months! And now, here I am. Blabbing. Looking at a whole page of nothing. Since I have nothing to write right now, I'm going to post some self portraits I shot.

I don't know about you, but I love black and white photos. They seem to add an extra oomph, and have an air of mystery. Honestly sha, I am not crazy about the photos. The lighting was kinda off. I don't care too much for the editing. And if you look closely, my eyes are a little red from crying a lot that day. After the news I received early that morning, to be able to still get dressed up, put some makeup on, and take photographs, was a little miracle. 

I've never been one to shy away from crying when I'm overwhelmed, tired, angry, upset, etc. And I don't mind talking about it. Unfortunately, crying is seen as a form of weakness - I don't know why. Just because someone is willing to be vulnerable and show it completely, does not take away from their strength. I cry, yes. But I also wipe those tears away and carry on with life. I am a tough cookie, if I say so myself. I remember when a family member told me that God doesn't answer crying or tearful prayers - THE SHOCK!!! I asked her to go back and read Psalms - King David cried and wailed a whole bunch, didn't he? But he always got up, dusted himself off and kept it moving.

Okay, I'm getting off my soapbox now. I hope you like the photos, even though they could have come out way better.


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  1. Well even with writer's block, you did a good job with this post! Hehe! I love black and white photos! Anytime I'm not crazy about a photo, I turn it black and white, then voila!
    Now about crying, I'm a bit of a cry baby too but I agree that it doesn't subtract from one's strength at all!
    Berry I hope soon find peace/ a solution to whichever news you received.
    Take care.


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