April 1, 2019

The End

I was hoping that it would not come to this, but I've really reached the end of my rope. My blog traffic is not growing, I'm losing followers on social media, Little Miss Cocoa's sleep had regressed so much that I don't have time to do anything anymore, my job search has yielded nothing, my personal life is in shambles and I'm just tired. And so, it really pains me to announce that this will be my last post on this blog. I have decided that I am shutting down Berry Dakara Blog, my Youtube channel, and other pages pertaining to this blog. I have not decided if I will delete everything completely, or leave them up as a reminder of everything I accomplished with it. I do want to say thanks to every single person that has ever read a blog post, and even more thanks to those who have left at least one comment. I love you all and I pray that God blesses you and yours. Take care...

and let's get on with APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!!!!!!!! Oya, who believed me? Don't lie. I mean, sometimes I think about shutting down the blog, but I still have more to share so I wouldn't end everything now. The real title of today's blog post is 


Little Miss Cocoa
Can you believe that my child is nearing her second birthday???? Where has time gone? I remember announcing my pregnancy exactly two years ago, in an April Fool's Day post too :p. She's talking so much more. She's singing all the time. And yes, she's also being a toddler and tiring me out sometimes. I have had some days where I just needed to let everything out and just cry. She does make me laugh more than anything. A couple of weeks ago, she hugged me tightly and kissed me on my cheek, and I laughed because it tickled me. Because I laughed, she laughed too. And because she laughed, I laughed some more. Then she kissed my cheek again, and it became a series of kisses and laughter for a good few minutes. I wish I had it on video - it was the cutest and sweetest thing.

At the beginning of March, I put out a notice on Instagram if anyone would be interested in reading a devotional with me. I think about 14 people joined in as we read the 21 Ways to Thrive by 45 devotional.

Not everyone that started completed it but I hope that they will. I really enjoyed the readings a lot and plan to re-read at different times in life - and next time with a notebook, so I can jot down thoughts and prayers. I rated the plan 5 stars and I think that you would enjoy it too.

We're currently in the middle of a great one that I mentioned in Friday's Lovely Links post, so please check it out if you're looking for a devotional on prayer.

I finally finished reading Michelle Obama's Becoming. I started it in February like I told you in my last Life Lately post, but the audiobook expired. I was finally able to snag my cousin's copy, and finished reading it. I enjoyed reading about her life, most especially how she really wasn't thrilled about her husband going into politics. I would feel the same way.

I also read Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo in March. See enh. This book!!! Nah mehn. By the time I was done, I decided that I'm only reading fluff for the next two months. At the end of every chapter, I was literally wide eyed and inwardly shouting, "CHINEKE!!!!" Wow, now that's a book!

Another book I read is loosely based on Hollywood actress, Hedy Lamarr. It's called The Only Woman In The Room, by Marie Benedict. I really enjoy classic films, and was already familiar with Ms. Lamarr, but didn't really know much about her. Reading about her marriage to an abusive arms dealer, to her escape to America/Hollywood, and her foray into scientific inventions was intriguing to me and I quite enjoyed the book.

I'm still struggling to finish a book from church titled 'He Sat Down' by Pastor Todd Smith. I'll work on it and be sure to mention that I finally did in next month's Life Lately post.

I don't care what anybody says - Chief Daddy was such a delight to watch! I'm really glad that fun Nigerian movies are available to watch on Netflix now. We laughed and hollered throughout Chief Daddy. I realize that people either hate or love the film. I LOVED IT and I would totally watch it again. And to everyone that hates the movie, "You lot are MOVING MAD! Before you chat to me, WHO'S YOUR DAD?!" BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

We also watched Chiwetel Ejiofor's "The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind." There was commentary from someone on my Facebook friends list who pretty much condemned the movie, calling it poverty p*rn. He says that too many African-based films show very poor and rural areas and lives. I had to engage him, because this film is based on a true story. The fact that he grew up in a village and his family was very poor does not mean that his story should not be told. It's a fact of life. Do you think that the majority of African films focus on poverty?

Leveled Up
I was approached by Adesola of Bump, Baby And After magazine to write an article of my choice for their latest issue. Seeing that I have been in a long-distance marriage since before Cocoa was born, I have felt like a single parent. I decided to share 10 Tips to Excel as a Single Parent and you can download your copy here.

I've also mentioned that I've been a member of the Clever Girl Finance platform. Well, this month they have added a Mentorship bit - members can schedule 20-minute calls to talk about how they're doing with the courses, or get guidance on what courses or videos they should watch. It's free for members on Clever Girl Finance. And I was asked to be one of the mentors, so YAY ME!

That's about it, and just like that, the first quarter of the year is done, and Q2 begins. To be honest, I haven't or did not achieve everything that I wanted to do - I had a few setbacks, and on some things, I simply procrastinated or was plain lazy. Here's to a stronger Q2 for me and for you! You can download my Goal Getter Guide to help you in realizing and planning your short, mid and long-term goals.

Thanks for reading and I hope you comment, or else I'm shutting down the blog tomorrow for real!


  1. Because its 1am, I didn't even remember it was April Fools. I was already set to start praying and all for you. smh lol. Anyway, i'm glad it was just a prank. I loved Chief Daddy too lol. This GA pollen has been on another level so I was bed ridden all weekend and ended up watching it a 2nd and 3rd time. Going to amazon to look up this "Stay With Me" book...


      Please pray for me o. Everything I wrote at the beginning is true - just that I'm not shutting down the blog.

      THE POLLEN!!! I have sneezed all through my workday today and just been miserable.

      You're my personal person for watching Chief Daddy more than once! PURE HILARITY!!!

  2. Haha got me! I was about to dm you to beg you not to delete the blog that you may change your mind looool. Happy Mother’s day

  3. I believed you, my heart was in my throat sef, ahnahn. I'm looking forward to when my baby starts laughing proper and responding to tickles. Watched the same movies as you and loved them both, Netflix rocks!!

    1. Netflix is a gem, honestly.

      You have SO much to look forward to with your son. I miss those times myself. When he starts making cute sounds and smiling for real, your heart will melt a million times over.


    And wasn't stay with me amazing? i think i'm still coming down from the high and haven't read anything nearly as good since i finished the last page. :/

    1. LOL. I thought it was funny.

      Stay With Me was NOT amazing (okay, yeah it was)! Why should a book make me feel all those feelings?! Why????

  5. I was actually about to call you and yell at you for shutting everything down. Now I'm gonna call you and yell at you for playing with my emotions! 😩

    1. You can still call me. I appreciate calls. But no yelling pretty please.

  6. Lol I was sad and worried. You got me real good.

  7. My heart skipped a beat. Berry You got me!

  8. Berry! Please don't play like that again. I panicked biko. I love you and read all your posts.

    Can't believe Baby Cocoa (soon to be aunty Cocoa at this point) is turning two. Kai! Time does fly.

    I have been slacking in my book reading game. Had Becoming since last year, but haven't read it.. same thing with so many other books. Hopefully I catch up soon.




      Sorry, I just had to play a prank. It was really fun. I had a good laugh :)

      Yes o, Madam Cocoa is almost 2!!! And talking more and more everyday!

      Have you tried reading a chapter a day? To help you along with your reading.

  9. As soon as I saw this, I KNEW it was a prank. hahaha. good one though. I really liked Chief Daddy too. I don't understand why people hated it. It was created to be a lighthearted movie, and I don't think they ever claimed to be anything more. I think because of previous poor standards, there is now an unrealistic standard for Nigerian movies. Even Hollywood has a lot of just okay movies that we all like, feel good movies, if you will. Not every film has to be rich in depth and extraordinary. But what do I know? Haha

    1. Exactlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! It was such a simple movie. Fun, lighthearted, no too much drama or anxiety. Just watch, laugh, watch, chuckle. You know plenty!!!!

  10. I knew you were pulling our legs. Ha! I felt the same way after reading Stay with Me. So heartbreakingly beautiful. I also loved Michelle Obama's Becoming. Hmmm...Berry we'll have to agree to disagree on Chief Daddy. I mean it weren't bad, but the writer could have done so much more with it! Anyway, nice to read your updates. Love to your little one!


    1. LOL, you caught me :p

      But Chief Daddy was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know about watching a Part 2 though.

  11. I am glad that it was just a joke! Phew!!! :) - www.jamilakyari.com


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