April 19, 2019

Berry Lovely Links

Happy Easter everyone!

I can't write much as I'm currently taking a little time to rest. But I hope you enjoy your long holiday weekend. And if you're in the US like me, sorry :( I don't get why we don't have at least Good Friday off.. Anyway, I have an interesting mix of links for you this weekend. I hope you enjoy them.

  1. I was elated to be featured in Madeline's Open Book series on her blog. She interviews Black Bloggers who are in their 30's, and I have enjoyed reading other features. 
  2. This heartwrenching article by Tolu Adeyemi titled, Finding My Angel Baby brought tears to my eyes. I was too lost for words to leave a comment on the post, but I pray that she's continually comforted. 
  3. I think all of us can benefit from 5 Easy Ways to Deal with and Overcome Rejection.
  4. Have you ever wondered What a Conjugal Visit is Like
  5. This post on 8 Positive Things That Are Making You Unhappy gave me some pause. 
  6. Even though I'm not as big a stan as I used to be, but here's How to Plan Your Day Like Kim Kardashian


  1. Thank you for the mention Berry Dakara. You're too sweet! Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. The link on seemingly positive things that make us unhappy is sooo real: particularly the self care part, and oh having a lot of free time.

  3. How to do with rejection is very important
    New post:

    1. Very very. We can't always get Yeses to everything


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