April 15, 2019

Berry Dakara Blog Survey 2019 Results

The results of my Blog Survey are finally here! I really wanted to get at least 30 responses, but only 29 answered so I'm just going to go with it and say thank you very much to the 29 of you that put in your time to give me much needed feedback! You're beyond awesome and I'm very grateful. The goal of the survey was to get your thoughts, opinions on the blog currently, what you'd like to see more of, and just for me to get a better idea of my audience.

These are the results of my blog survey this year.

1. The vast majority of you have been following my blog since the beginning, and I have to say it warms my heart that you still support me through my ups and downs in this blogging experience.

2. Almost half you check in at least weekly, whereas 31% of you visit a few times a month. I should have asked whether it's because of time constraints or just that I don't have enough or interesting posts that keep you coming back often.

3. The vast majority of you find out about new posts when you randomly visit the blog - I'm trying to decide whether that's a good thing. I guess your coming to check without any prompting is nice? On that note though, I definitely need to keep pushing posts via social media and should also work on growing my email subscription.
4. From the responses, more than half of you follow me on Instagram - thank you for that. I think I should be more intentional about sharing my blog posts through Instagram.
5. The vast majority of you are fine with my posting 3 times a week, although a small number would prefer more posts. If I go back to filming and posting on Youtube, then you'll have more posts. 

6. I know I have to do better with Youtube - the last time I posted a video was in January, and if there's anything I know, it's that consistency is very necessary. Apart from posting on a more frequent basis, I think I need to figure out what my audience wants to see - chit chat videos, hair tutorials, outing/home vlogs, etc.

7. As someone who feels overwhelmed with emails, I totally understand those of you who would prefer to receive weekly emails with a list of my latest blog posts, as opposed to an email for every blog post. 

8. I asked if you would be interested in receiving monthly newsletters and it was kinda half and half. I may go ahead to do it, or not. I haven't quite decided yet.
9. On whether the design or layout of my blog is fine with you, most of you are agreeable to it. I would like it to be more streamlined and cleaner though. Once I'm able to, I will look at upgrading to a different template.
10. I know that blogging is losing its appeal, and a lot of bloggers have complained about not receiving comments as before. If you don't mind sharing why you don't comment on my (or anyone else's) blog posts, I would really like to know.
11. Ouch!!! I felt this one yo. Just a quarter of the survey takers have referred my blog to other people. 

There were a few questions that did not have pictorial graphs, but let me share some of what you said.

12. On what your favorite posts on my blog are, they are: Personal posts about my life experiences, Berry Lovely Links, and Faith posts.

13. I also asked what you would like to see more and less of on the blog, and the responses were quite varied - someone wanted fewer motherhood posts (and a couple wanted MORE), a few of you wanted more Money/Personal Finance posts, and quite a number of you wished for the good old days when I used to go out every weekend and put up posts from my shenanigans. I wish I could go out more often, but I just don't have that time (OR MONEY) anymore.

14. When I asked what words you would use to describe my blog, as before in 2015, the most common words were REAL, AUTHENTIC and RELATABLE.

If you're interested in knowing more about who's reading my blog, check out some of the responses below.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in my blog survey. I want to give you all my very best. I appreciate the support through the years, and I really value all of you. Have a lovely week ahead.


  1. We love you berry! And Cocoa and Cakes

  2. Love this analysis. Also, don't you find it interesting that posting on social media doesn't necessarily bring people over? I found that interesting for sure, but not very surprising cos it feels like people don't necessarily click on links on their feeds anymore these days.

    1. I myself hardly click on links on anyone's feed anymore, myself. I'd rather go directly to someone's blog or website and read that way. But it still doesn't hurt to say "Hey, I have a post o. In case you're interested."

  3. This is such a great health check for you blog and readers in general. I must say thank you for sharing your results with us. You have inspired me to do mine.


    1. Yes ma'am! I actually am supposed to check on the blog on a monthly basis, but laziness :(


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