March 1, 2019

Berry Lovely Links

It's Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday!!!!

Listen, I had the most Mondayest Thursday yesterday. In fact, I feel like I've had 5 Mondays in a row, and I can't thank God enough that it's weekend! I really need a break. I need some Me Time. I need to regroup. I need to reorient my mind and do some mental self-care. I need to look over my goals and really prioritize what's important to me and what I can let go of. I need to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for 2 days - no cleaning, no chores, no work, no blogging, no screen time, etc. *Phew* I'm glad I got that out. Have you ever felt like this? I almost feel like this is what happens before a mental breakdown, if you don't actively take a break. Anyways, I'll work on the break bit. Here's some light reading for you this weekend.

  1. The Budget-Breakdown of an Ex-CIA Agent Who Now Makes $108,000 as a Healer
  2. Here are 20 Productive Things to do at Work when you're Bored.
  3. It's a brand new month, and it could be nice to try out any or all of these 20 Random Acts of Kindness.
  4. Do you ever feel like you're giving life everything you've got? Here's what happened when this lady Gave 97% Instead of 100% Effort.
  5. International Women's Day is next week, and women tend to apologize a lot, so here's How to Stop Apologizing - and What to Say Instead of "I'm Sorry."
  6. LOL, here's another list similar to the one above, but not work-related - 96 Things to do when you're Bored
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  1. I love #6... lots of great tips there for things to do when I get bored. I smiled to myself at the part in the article where it mentioned to delete all those emails I never read. I get so much spam these days, it is unbelievable! My Yahoo inbox is a zoo. And I keep saying I will unsubscribe from all the emails without actually getting to it. What a subtle reminder... -

    1. I stopped reading my Yahoo emails a few years ago, and then I wanted to go back and look for something - they had deleted EVERY SINGLE EMAIL!!!! Emails and letters to old friends just gone. But hey, if I didn't look them up in how many years, why bother aye?

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