March 13, 2019

5 Great Podcasts You Should Subscribe To

Hey there!

It's Hump Day Wednesday and I've been meaning to share my favorite podcasts that I'm subscribed to and listen to regularly. I enjoy listening to podcasts on my drive to and from work, as they provide me with information, inspiration and sometimes just plain old entertainment. I am listing only 5 right now, but I have a larger number of podcasts I am currently subscribed to, and will share those in later posts.

I should mention that one of the things I look for in podcasts that aren't sermons, are those with shorter lengths. My commute to work is between 30 and 45 minutes, and I would like to complete episodes in that time frame, instead of having to find a different time to come back to finish one episode. A lot of times, if the podcast episode is over 30 minutes, I hesitate to listen. It could also be from having a short attention span, but who knows?

Single and A Baby

My friend, Sheila, wears many many hats and I should not have been surprised when she announced that she had started a podcast about being a Sole Parent (in Nigeria) who is beginning to explore dating! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have likely seen me spreading the word via my IG Stories. Single and A Baby has pretty short episodes (YAY!) and the topics really delve into issues and situations that single parents face, especially in Nigeria. I highly recommend that everyone listens to it, because even if you're not a [single] parent, you may have friends who are, and you'll be better able to understand what they're going through.

Jesus and Jollof 

If Jesus and Jollof is not on this list, there's pretty much NO list. Luvvie Ajayi and Yvonne Orji are two Nigerian (dare I add a hyphen-American) women who have hilarious conversations about everything from Relationships to Career to Mental Health and more! Ever since the first episode dropped last year, I have been hooked to these two foolish goats, as they call themselves (listen to the first episode on Nigerian Love Languages to understand the reference). Their episodes can run a little long, but I can assure you that you will be hooked to their banter, random songs, and proverbs.

The Simple Sophisticate 

This is the podcast I have been subscribed to the longest, and have followed for at least 4 years, as I used to listen when I lived in Nigeria. If you like self-help and lifestyle books or blogs, this podcast is one that you will likely enjoy. Shannon loves the French lifestyle and her podcast is an off-shoot of her blog that promotes Simply Luxurious Living. You can listen to episodes that tell you how to create a Morning routine that works for you, and Lifestyle, Style, Travel, and Beauty tips to help you be the best version of yourself. 

Clever Girl Finance 

I'm listing the Clever Girl Finance podcast here because it's one of a couple of personal finance podcasts that I'm subscribed to. I also appreciate the fact that not only am I subscribed to the Clever Girl Finance program, but it's also run by a Nigerian woman, Bola Sokunbi. While not every episode applies to me and my finances, there is a lot that you can learn to put you on track towards financial independence. She features guests who share their personal finance stories, and she also relays information that you can learn from, if you're looking to organize and grow wealth.

Side Hustle School

The final podcast I'm going to share today is Side Hustle School, which is a daily podcast series that highlights businesses that started off as side hustles and have grown very quickly. I listened to an episode a few months ago where a man in England makes almost $30,000 a year from simply renting out his camera! Another guy started reselling concert tickets, earning $12000 a month! And these are just regular people like us, who have day jobs or even just stay at home. Listening to this podcast kinda shows you that the sky is the limit, and even the smallest idea can be the start of something great!
I hope you check out at least one or two episodes of these podcasts I've shared. And would you kindly tell the rest of us what podcasts you like to listen to and why, in the comments.


  1. OMG, you just reminded me about one of my first loves - The Simple Sophisticate.
    I've no idea why I stopped reading and listening to Shannon Ables. I'm definitely going back to it.

    I don't know, but I listened to a couple episodes of Jesus & Jollof and got over it in less than a day. Maybe because I binged on it but I'm not looking forward to listening to it again. I love Luvvie & Yvonne and follow them but the podcast, not for me I guess.

    1. Ah! Another Nigerian who knows about TSS!!! YAY! For the longest time, I wondered if I was the only Nigerian in Nigeria that listened to her.

      I really like Jesus and Jollof, although I know it's not everyone's taste. I just really like.

  2. Ooh just like Barbara above, I used to listen to The Simple Sophisticate. Not sure why I stopped but after reading this, I'm going to give an episode a listen. Single And A Baby sounds very fascinating and I'll be checking it out as well. Most of my favourite podcasts have episodes that run for over an hour and even 2 and a half hours sometimes haha. xx

    Coco Bella Blog

    1. TWO other Nigerians who listen(ed) to TSS!!! You don't know how thrilled I was to see you and Barbara knew of her. She had a great episode this week on the Joy of Missing Out (JOMO).

      Eeeek - over 1 hour? over 2 hours???? Nope, I don't have that time or patience or attention - even though I'll listen to an audiobook for hour-long or more stretches. Hmm.


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