October 6, 2014


Yo yo!

Ciao miei amici! Come va?! Sta bene, grazie :)

So am I the only one who's wondered about photos posted on social media sharing apps and websites? I'm talking specifically about pictures posted on Instagram and the use of photo editing software. I don't mean using photo apps or even Instagram apps to apply filters to your photographs. I mean using software like Photoshop to edit your pictures before posting them to your Imstagram account.

I won't even talk about one or two people I've seen who used the fish-eye tool on their pictures to make it seem like their hips or butts are bigger than they are. Dear friends (And Beyonce), if you're going to do all that, please make sure that door frames, stairs, tables, walls, and all linear objects around you are STRAIGHT!!! It really makes me laugh when I see a picture on Instagram and the door frame or wall behind the person is curved.

There's this account that I don't really follow but check out from time to time. I'm not hating o (that's reserved for another account :p) but this chick's face is ALWAYS smooth. Not smooth due to makeup or gorgeous skin kind of smooth. I'm talking about 'other world' kind of smooth. Like you can almost see a halo radiating from her skin. And the thing about it is that she's very pretty and I think that she does actually have very good skin, BUT I'm 100% sure that she edits her pictures because her skin doesn't look real in her Instagram pictures!!!

*Confession time* I used to be like that some kind times like that, I can't even front :p

The picture on the left!!! But you people, let's also take a look at my waist/tummy. Chai

Lol, this was my Valentine's profile picture in 2012

This is from 2009.
Anyways I'm asking, why would anyone go to the trouble of taking a picture with their phone, moving the picture to a computer for editing purposes, and putting the edited picture back on their phone for posting? Isn't that a little too much? I think it screams insecurity (if I had known I would look like I look now, back then in 2009, I wouldn't have retouched ANY photo yo!).

Okay, I'm done wondering since I just answered my own question.

Carry on with what you were doing :)


  1. "...a halo radiating from her skin" *dead* LMAO!

  2. Makes you feel abnormal for posting normal pictures ba. People jst look too good dese days.

  3. I'm guilty of editing my pics, I just love filters and it's for the fun believe, u mirror my thoughts with regards to photoshopping one's pics.
    But to each his own

  4. People have time o, trying to please and get attention of other people who don't really care. This quest for approval is pathetic.

  5. I'm not technologically savvy enough for all of that work o! As someone who just got onto Instagram a few weeks ago, managing the IG filter is about as much as I'm willing to deal with...lol.

    1. Me too! Just IG filter.. but when I don't have time, I just post straight away..
      I actually don't like over-photo-shopped pictures.. I always dread the look of disbelief people will have if I look a world of difference when they meet me in person!

  6. Basic editing is good. After all, why would you want that pimple saved for posterity?



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