May 26, 2014

My Artsy Weekend with Cakes and Lola aka African Naturalistas

Hey everyone!

Remember how I promised to make an effort to go out on weekends and take pictures to share? I did quite well this weekend. On Friday, while scrolling through Instagram, I noticed that Nike Art Gallery in Lekki posted the a new exhibition opening on Saturday, so I asked what time it was but never got an answer back.

*NOTE to businesses using Instagram: respond to followers questions and comments. Also check your inbox because you might have messages there as well.*

On Saturday afternoon, after taking a much needed nap, I woke up feeling restless. The house was clean, Cakes was well fed, and I remembered I'd said I'd meet up with Lola aka @ilola aka Madam African Naturalistas (she's also a Spoken Word artist, who has NEVER invited me to any of her gigs). Mind you, she calls me her employee because I contribute weekly to her natural hair care blog. Anyways, I called Nike Art Gallery to get more information about what I'd seen on Instagram and they said the opening event was from 4pm to 7pm. I quickly got energized and demanded asked that Cakes come with me. He wanted to sleep in all day :( But I remembered that the X-Men movie was out, so I used it to entice him into leaving the house.Actually, he didn't seem all that interested and just when I gave up hope on his coming with me, he got dressed and ended up waiting for me to finish with my hurrs and makeup. Oh, and he likes to comment about what I'm wearing, which is VERY annoying, but in this instance he was right.

Nike Art Gallery is WONDERFUL! I wish I could go and spend 2 or 3 hours there, soaking up all the wonderful pieces. I wish I had money to even buy some of them. But this chick is not ready to part with hundreds of thousands of naira - it's not that serious right now. In fact, if the piece is more than N5000, sorry but no thanks. The featured artist, Ndidi, as it turned out, went to the same university as Cakes! And her artwork is really nice. As in, millions of naira nice! Lola ended up coming to meet us there and while she isn't into visual art (which I found strange cos she seems like the artistic type), she had a blast gisting with Cakes. Funny, she thought he'd be a serious, quiet, reserved person. I have no idea where she got that from. She was pleasantly surprised. Also, she got to see firsthand how Tom & Jerry our love is :p

Anyways, I've written enough, so enjoy ze pictures we managed to get and check out my hurrs from Sunday (remember I'm doing the #31DaysofKinkz hair challenge on Instagram - see public Facebook album link here)

P.S. We're not allowed to take pictures of the art inside the gallery, so you'll have to visit for yourself. Also, the few pictures I took with my camera will be uploaded later.

Double Trouble Berry in the hizouse!!!
Hurr of the day. It's a failed twist out
I can't remember the name of their group :(
Berry and Cakes :)
@ilola and I
This is the owner of the gallery, Nike Davies Okundaye. She's having a party there this Friday - I dunno if it's open to the public but I saw banners, so maybe?
The artist, Ndidi Emefiele
Yup, the painting is N1.5 million
nigerian natural
From Sunday. Hey sistah, soul sistah, go sistah, FRO sistah!
P.S. My granddad turned 89 yesterday!!! He walked me down the aisle with my dad.

Have a fun week!

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  1. Happy Birthday Grandpy, wishing you many more blessed years ahead.

    I wont say anything about what time my darling berry invited me for this lovely event she attended... *lips sealed*. You know i still love

    Love your leggings and your 'fro.

    1. Go right ahead and tell them that you turned me down as usual... no need to mention the time I invited you. The most important part of the story is that you broke my heart as usual.

      *runs to hide*

  2. You look gorgeous in the last outfit (fro Sister)...........
    i don't have the right words for that artwork worth 1.5 milion Naira....#sigh#
    Happy Birthday in arears to your Grandad.
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  3. 1.5 milli? hian odikwa serious. I love the retro look you were rocking in the last pic

  4. What a swell weekend you had Berry! I traced you from BellaNaija to your blog *smiles. Keep up the good work. Happy birthday to your grandpa.

  5. Aww.. nice!
    Happy birthday Grandpa Berry! God bless you loads.
    One thing this post has taught me - I need to go and hone my artistic skills...All I see is money money money! lol

  6. You are so funny when you said anything more than 5k. I loved every single outfit you wore and your fro is just heavenly - your hair like that suits you so well, xx

  7. Just to mention, Berry is not that taller than me. She cheated o. In fact, we are the same height. *puts on vexation face*

    Berry, the singing group is called Nefertiti. Pay attention in class next time.


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