May 28, 2014

It's MY Birthday and YOU are Invited!!!

Woot the woot woot! It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm sooooooo excited to be turning 27 again! I would have opted for 25, but let's face it, my weight these days is not allowing my young-looking genes to be great >:( so we'll opt for 27 this year. Never mind that I turned Thirty Flirty two years ago, okay?

So where were we? Yes, it's my birthday tomorrow and I'm very pleased and excited to announce that not only am I having a birthday party, YOU ARE also invited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, I'm just feeling very very generous right now and I want to share my special day with you, so let's get ready to Party over here, Party over there - Whooop whoooooooooooooooooooop!

Oops, I almost forgot the details! Silly me.

WHEN: MAY 29TH, 2014



WIGGLE: #HAPPYBYPHARRELL *of course that's what we're dancing to*


*vinyl record scratches*

Yeah, the party is in your house. Yes, YOU. Stop looking around, trying to pretend you don't want to host my party. Kindly post your address in the comments so we can come and partaaaaay! I hope you ordered small chops o. And feel free to order a cake from Cakes for moi - please ask for a Naked Cake for the party. (this is minus all my colorful cake dreams)

Okay, so see you tomorrow - don't forget to leave your address because I'm coming and ready to boogie down.

To get in the party mood, let's learn the dance steps from the videos below

Thong Song

and I Will Survive

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  1. lol.....hahahaa.
    Happy Birthday in advance dear Chocolatte Berrilicious Berry aka Mrs Cakes:)
    here's MY ADDRESS, the party will begin by 6pm till dawn, they'll be small chops infact i'll chat withBEX if she'll whip up some-thing delicious....i'll place an order for a NAKED CAKE FROM CAKES....
    Everyone your invited!!!!!!!
    Let's Celebrate our Lovely Berry

  2. Hahaha! Berry!! When will I ever learn.. I was like woot woot my first blog-invited parrie and then I find out I (and many others) am the host!! Hehehe
    You are a May child too? And you get to have a holiday every year on your birthday? (at least in Nigeria) - Doubly special! Happy birthday beautiful Berry Chocolata (in the spirit of Ugo's comment).. May you have as many fab birthday surprises as possible!! Party over hereeee!! Please inbox me for my address!! xx

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I love your sense of humor......too funny.

  4. Happy birthday, you are such a happy and bubbling person.God keep you and bless you. Ermmm next year bday shall be celebrated with twins?*rollls eyes* Amen

  5. Happy birthday to you! Have an amazing year and God bless you. I love your sense of humor and your genuineness. *Hugs*

  6. Happy birthday in advance. You are my dad's birthday mate.

  7. Happy birthday, Berry. You such a bubbly lovely character :) Shey you can cone to Texas for your birthday? I'll ring Aliko and ask if we cam use his jet on such short notice. Ok bye, ttyl

  8. Happy Birthday dear!Hope u have massive massive fun.
    Ain't you lucky having a public holiday on your birthday.Am so jealous.they better catch/find/conquer Boko haram on march 15th and declare it Victory day or

  9. Happy birthday Berry! I have to admit I thoroughly enjoy ur blog!

  10. Happpy birthday!!!! I wish u all the best life has to offer nd more. Hope u had a blast I had cake 2day nd I dedicated it 2 u hehehe

  11. Happy Belated Birthday Berry dear, I wish you loads of fab years ahead and may wonderful and glorious things always come your way, xx

  12. Happy birthday! You are so hilarious and down to earth


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