March 5, 2014

This is a Public Speaking Service Announcement

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

I present the following Public Service Announcement to those who get stage fright like me, want to improve their public speaking prowess, who are hesitant about making presentations, budding actors/actresses and more. In fact, I think that if you're a politician in the making, you NEED to read the following announcement. I cringe whenever I listen to Nigerian politicians... their manner of speech is simply embarrassing!

So you want to be a powerful speaker?
You’d like to hold the audience spell-bound whenever you get the chance to speak?

I guess you want to be that radio presenter with the voice that captivates the listeners, that actor that passes auditions and wins great roles or that event compere that everyone can't help but love.
You want your voice to command attention and attraction!

Maybe all you want is just the ability to wow people with your articulation and speaking prowess.

Whatever your goals are, make sure that you attend the best learning platform that’ll help you SPEAK YOUR WAY TO THE SPOTLIGHT!

Some of the areas that will be covered during the workshop include:

* Rudiments of Speech Sounds
* How to Manage your Audience/Listeners
* Making Your Voice Memorable
* Dealing with Fear and Nervousness
* Achieving Clear & Crisp Speech
* Your Message & Your Spirit and many more

Who Should Attend?

* Anyone interested in self-development
* Aspiring TV presenters/Radio OAPs
* Public Speakers / Teachers/Trainers
* Event Comperes
* Aspiring actors and actresses
* Singers

March 15, 2014

UNILAG GuestHouse, University of Lagos, Yaba, Lagos

For more information, please contact:
Sharon - 08187342584, MacHenry - 08035533391

Registration costs N10,000 only and entitles you to refreshments, materials, a complimentary one-on-one diction session with the diction coach and a discount if you sign up for our 6-week diction coaching course.

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  1. Ok I was like this is good. Wish I was in lagos. I'm not a politician or an actress. I don't want to wow. I just want to NOT SUCK in front of an audience. Then I saw the price n my face fell flatter than unleavened bread. Even if I were in lagos, yours truly couldn't afford that. Ah well. My time will come

  2. hi berry. i just got my nysc call up letter and i'm posted to lagos. the letter says i should report to camp on the 11th but my dad says i should go tomorrow and pick a nice bed space since i already have my letter. will i get sent back? do you think i should go on the day stated on my letter? thanks.

    1. Hi. Erm, I'm not sure there'll be anybody there today. I've never heard of anyone going this early. If you want a good space just go extra extra early on the day of. Like 4am early. It's going to be a little bit of a nightmare, so get ready :)

    2. Seriously Anon I don't think anybody will be there. You can try monday though. I've heard of ppl going a day early.


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