March 17, 2014

The new fear about flying...

Following the news about this missing Malaysian plane, and the Ethiopian plane that was diverted to Geneva a little while ago, it's safe to say that apart from terrorists, plane crashes, and fear of heights, we can now add PILOTS to the list of flying fears.

This pilot looks suspect

So you get on a plane and you're already anxious because somehow you're 30,000 feet above the Earth and you just want to get wasted relax and go to sleep, waking up shortly before you land. But now, the question of whether the pilot has gone psycho and wants to go on a random world tour comes into play.

I think airlines should make sure ALL their pilots go through rigorous background checks once a year. Their mental, emotional, spiritual well-being should be checked periodically too.

As for this plane, I was really hoping it was taken by aliens, but it looks like my mum was right when she said, "I hope some crackhead hasn't decided to recreate 'Lost' (TV show) with this plane."

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  1. Oh wow.. That's a really scary thought that some deranged individual(s) decided to play with the lives of so many people! I pray for answers in Jesus name (and may they be good)

  2. Lmao now I know where you got your wit from your mom. Lara

  3. Looking for a plane for like a week is a mystery no trace of it at all anywhere its scary and its considered one of the safest and sophisticated plane, God help us. Lara

  4. Oh! I haven't been following the story. Just seen headlines. So it's suspected to be the pilot's fault? Wow. That is just scary

  5. Btw I commented on you Cakes birthday post. Dunno where d comment flew to :( Anyway Happy birthday to him arears. He's my almost-birthday mate as today is my birthday :D

    1. Awww, Happy Birthday dearie!!! I didn't see any comment on Saturday though, but have a wonderful day and year ahead. God bless.

  6. Please, what background check do you want them to conduct on a pilot that had been working with them for over 25 years, and a copilot of over 5 years? This is not about background checks, but the fact that there are things that happen, that we would never envisage, in all our human wisdom.

    I pray the passengers are safe.


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