September 19, 2013

Yoo Hoo! I'm back :)

Hey hey hey Berryboos!

How are yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? I missed you. Okay okay, stop frowning. I'm sorry I just disappeared like that. I took a much needed break to spend time with my family and do some necessary wedding planning and preparation. Have you forgiven me now? THANK YOU!!!

I'll give you gist about my trip, including pictures in a future post. BUT before that, let me tell you what happened to me before I traveled.

The night before I left, I did the customary running around to make sure I had bought everything I needed to take, got my manicure and pedicure done, got ma hurrs taken care of, and had Cakes help me with packing. The following day, I went to work and eagerly awaited the end of the day for Cakes to take me to the airport. 5 minutes before I left the office, I ran into a coworker and we say hi, and he says he heard I got engaged and wants to see the ring. I proudly brought out my hand, and BAM!!! NO RING!!!!! ENH?! WHAT?! QUE?! What is happening right now????

I mentally run a marathon in my brain, trying to figure out where my ring went. And then it hit me that I had taken it off while packing and placed it by my phones, which were charging. So I call Cakes...

Me: Cakes, please please please, can you go to my house and get my ring from my bed? I put it by my phones last night while I was packing.
Him: I'm already outside your office. And I saw the ring yesterday. But I thought you forgot it, so I kept it in my pocket, but forgot to give it back to you.
Me: Erm, what are you saying?
Him: It's in my pocket. In the pants I wore yesterday. At home.
Me: *heart stops, brain faints, left hand goes numb because his house is an hour in the opposite direction* I'm coming out now

I pick up my handbag very quietly because I'm in shock and I want to cry, but maybe Cakes is joking. He likes playing pranks. Yeah, he's definitely joking... I get to the car...

Him: Hey. I'm really sorry. Are you okay?
Me: *realizing that he's NOT joking* No
Him: Don't worry. You'll be back soon. At least you know I have it.
Me: Yeah
Him: You don't look fine. Are you holding yourself from crying? Baby, just let it out.




Me: *wails, sobs, cries, clutches chest, doubles over, nose running, waterfalls from my eyes* FOR ONE HOUR. 

I cried all the way from Lagos Island to the airport! Cakes, poor thing, called my cousin to try to console me.

Rexie: Ah ah, what's wrong?
Me: My riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! I WANT MY RING BACK! What's the point of traveling if I don't have my ring?! I can't show it to my sisters in person!
Rexie: Stop crying nowwwww. Okay, since I'm traveling in a few days, I'll bring it back to you.
Me: So I should go a whole week without my riiiiiiiiiing? *more tears*
Rexie: Listen, it'll be fine. I'll bring it for you. Please stop crying. You're scaring Cakes.
Me: Okay... *hangs up and proceeds to call my sister, Cupcakes*


Cupcakes: Berry, you're crying?! What happened? What's the matter?
Cupcakes: What happened to it?
Me: I don't have it. Cakes left it in his pants pocket, and it's all the way far away.
Cupcakes: Why doesn't he have one of his staff bring it to the airport?
Me: They're busy.
Cupcakes: Lemme talk to Cakes... Dude, ask one of your guys to meet you at the airport. The flight isn't for another 5 hours.
Cakes: Yeah, I'll do that. Traffic is mad though, but no worries. We'll try.
Me: *tears stop*
Cakes: Oh. You've stopped crying. Are you saying you love the ring more than you love me? :p
Me: Noooo. But having my ring means I'm taking a part of you with me (Am I not a genius for that answer?)

Fast forward to 3 hours later... I have my ring back and I'm a happy camper :D

If anybody had seen me that day enh, I was unrecognizable. My eyes were red and swollen, and my face was puffy from all the crying. You would have thought Michael Jackson came back to life and died all over again.

Moral of the story: Dear Men, don't take your fiancee's ring without telling her at that exact moment. If you do, you will forget the ring in your pocket, leave your pants at home, and then your fiancee will cry for one hour, nonstop.

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  1. LOL... Drama! Made me laugh.. And Cakes (+Cupcakes) saved the day!

    Mehn Ladies and "our ring"...
    Men please take that advice seriously!
    *still Laughing*

  3. Yayyyy my girl is back...

    I can imagine the drama... But i understand, its not the same when you can't show the gorgeous ring :-) Description/pictures wont do it

  4. Buahahaha! Sorry I know you must have been really sad at the thought of not having the ring to show your sisters, but all's well that ends well eh?! Poor Cakes, lol

  5. Awwww bless you. At least you got your ring back before travelling. But you cried for an hour!!! Goodness gracious - poor Cakes.

  6. Loll no moral of the story don't take ur ring off! Is it loose? Or why did you take it off when packing?

    1. Maybe you have a point. My sister had already warned me to never take it off :p

  7. major drama....i just kept laughing, im usually not overally emotional, so i would have been sad, but definitely not cried.

  8. I was two more responses from laughing at you!

    1. Do you people see this wicked cousin of mine?!!!!!

  9. Lol! I've been refreshing our blog and wondering where ou disappeared to.original dramatics :-)

  10. As in...LOLLLLL!!!!!
    I know it wasn't funny in the moment but I was calm as soon as I realised that you knew where it was, and that he knew where it was. But I get it...showing the family in person was a big deal. Pele. I'm glad you have it now.

  11. Wow you are one emotional chica lol take it easy babe it's just a ring:) But on a serious note I think your travelling hormones plus going to miss cakes hormones plus impending wedding planning hormones contributed to the outburst coz you sure don't look like someone who would have a meltdown over a ring that was not lost take it easy from now on you hear? Or do you want us to call Bridezillas lol

    1. Erm, sure, let's blame it on the hormones and stress. Yeah, I like that idea. Makes me look less dramatic :D

  12. Dude, don't take off your freaking ring! That's how mummy lost her engagement ring. Meanwhile, what's up with all the sweet-tooth names...berry, cakes, cupcakes??
    -Yo other sista from the same momma and mista

  13. Berry is back! Berry is back!! Berry is back!!! yipeeeee!!!!!!! . Yes I missed you dear. Sorry about your ring dear, thank God you eventually got it before traveling. But you sef, you be cry cry baby. lool. First Kiss stories please. Eniwealth.

  14. Your narrative is so funny, at least you got the ring in the end. Have a lovely holiday.

  15. I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for your concern during what was a very stressful 4 hours of my life (1 hour of crying + 3 hours of waiting for the ring).

    In the same vein, so you're laughing at me, shey? Cry baby, enh? is it my fault that I cry sometimes? Is it my fault that some tv commercials move me to tears? Is it my fault that I have feelings, which I feel very much?


  16. She's baccckkkkkkkk*dancing alingo*...Welcome back dear,I missed you!b*mwah*

  17. If I call you a drama queen now, ehn, you will say...

  18. LOOOOOL!!!! you cried because of ring? hiannnn!!! LOL! Glad you got it back though! Have fun states side!

  19. lol! can't believe you were crying when you know it wasn't lost! glad you got to take a "part" of him with you

  20. *straightface* dnt just go off like that next time jooor. Glad you have ur "blings" back. Thank your stars Cakes didn't give the pants to the dry for cry palm oil.

  21. Phew!! Talk about drama of life!!!...

  22. LMAOO. I enjoyed this!

  23. loooooooooooool i was smiling at my screen my boss had to ask if i found an online love lmao

  24. Did you really cry? Like serious honest-to-God crying? Is that even possible? To cry for a whole hour for no reason?

    1. Yes I did, and did you not see the reason?????????????? MY RING WAS AWAY FROM MY HAND, and not on purpose!

    2. Hahaha haha! Omg! Bet madame or sir Ninisworld is wickedly ooo. Ya dinoh see a reason for her kwyin like that? Haaa!
      @Berry, and I tot I was a drama queen! Now I see I am but a learner. My prowess @ drama pales in the light of you. *lol* this made me laff so much that my TL had to give me *the look* LOL


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