September 30, 2013

Brides Day Out!!!

Hi friends :D

Remember when I told you I was selected for Brides Day Out by The Wedding Guru? And how afterwards, I wasn't allowed to post pictures because the official photographs hadn't come out? Well, they're out now and they're on Bella Naija, so I'm giving myself free reign to put up my pictures and tell you how awesome that day was :)

First up, Bella Naija's pictures...

Funny story about this picture. There was a champagne vendor - Tattinger - and they provided LOTS of champagne for us on that day. Now, I don't think I've mentioned it before but I am a LIGHT WEIGHT. Yes, I have gotten tipsy-drunk on a bottle of Heineken before. Even Smirnoff Ice can get me tipsy if I haven't eaten. Now, picture this: no food all day, until we got to the food vendor at about 4pm. Before that time, maybe 3 glasses of champagne. Yup, by the time we got to the food, Ms. Berry was on her way to being drunk! I had to get quiet because I was feeling dizzy, and said a silent 'Thank You God' prayer when we were able to eat. 30 minutes more of no food, and I'm sure I would have passed out.

Of course they had to capture me eating :-|

Tomorrow I'll be asking why someone's calling me 'orobo'
One of the vendors we visited was Love, Tims/I Do Weddings Nigeria. Timi is such a NICE lady, and one of her bridal gowns was worn by Tuface's wife, Annie Idibia for her wedding! I just wanted to give her a shout out, and implore you to check out her blog here - I Do Weddings.

And now, MY PICTURES! Not nearly as clear, but more of moi :D

Me and some of the other brides

Is it me or do I look slimmer in my phone pictures than in the Bella Naija pictures?

Twelve Baskets generously donated huge trays of small chops to each Lucky Bride

I won a Super Lucky Bride treat - a romantic date for 2!!! Cakes, where are you? LET'S GO!

The food came at just the right time!

Cookie Jar treats!

Me and the Brides Day Out limo

Sorry it's sideways. These are all the things I got :D

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  1. I've been having wedding tunnel vision for the past 2 weeks, this is not helping lol. Nice pics though. And its good you at least know you are a light weight. I know too many people in denial about their ability to hold their liquor lol.

  2. Now you've explained why i didn't see you in almost all the Pictures posted on Bellanaija.......
    Congratulations My dear and if Cakes is missing for that Outing come and carry me oh..Not as your Husband oh but maybe your SOUL SISTER.

  3. wow, seems like it was lots of fun!

  4. Hmm! look who's been having fun round town :). Very much deserved especially with all the wedding preps.

  5. Nice! Cookie jar treats = temptation.

  6. Thank you for you lovely comment and shout out, i appreciate it. It was such a pleasure having you over. Take care xoxo

  7. You all looked like you had so much fun. Jeez small chops and cup cakes my temptation. Congratulations again dearie xxx

  8. Wow. You guys had so much fun. And you guys ate well, I wish I was there to eat all that.


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