September 6, 2013

First Kiss Fridays!!!

Hello lovers!!!

We've got another story for FIRST KISS FRIDAYS. Many thanks to today's featured guest. Readers are encouraged to send stories of their first kisses ever, first kisses with boyfriends/girlfriends, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, handsome/beautiful strangers, husbands/wives, you get the idea... It will be TOTALLY ANONYMOUS so feel free to divulge!

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My lip imprint is pretty, no? 

I was about 16 years old, it was my first relationship. We were about 4 months into it but my vigilante mum never gave us a chance to spend up to 25 minutes alone. So, the only times we had to see each other were the few times I had quick errands to run at the nearby mallam's kiosk. 

Then summer holiday came. Bless summer holidays oh my soul!  This gave us more time to spend together! He would come to my JAMB class during breaks/recess. This made it impossible for other "toasters" to approach me, lol. One afternoon, he was able to cajole me into going to have lunch at Chicken Republic. "It's just at Ishaga junction. We'll be back before your break is over," he said. I agreed. We ate fried rice with chicken and Sprite. After lunch, I opted out of going back to lesson, reasoning that the bell would have rung before I'd be able to settle in. And after all, the last class of the day was Christian Religious Studies, which I was sure I could pass without studying. We decided to go to his grandma's house. When we got there, his grandma was on her way out and said we should stay and wait for her return. 

For the first time we were alone for longer than usual. At first we talked about random things. I gisted him about boarding school and how the matron had seen one of the many letters he’d written to me; and her many words of advice. I noticed he wasn't really paying attention to what I was saying, so I told him to tell me what was on his mind. Na so the GEHN GEHN start! Lol!
Him: Baby, I want to ask you two questions and then I have a request."
Me: Okay.
Him: Do you love me?"
Me: Yes nah.
Him: Okay, are you still a virgin?
Me: EXCUSE ME?! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?! For God’s sake, I'm just 16 years old! Of course I am.
Him: Hey hey, don’t shout.
Me: Leave me o! What kind of question is that? *typing this story now is making me laugh so hard.*
Him: Okay, okay. I’m sorry. Baby I’m sorry. Please.
Me: Fine. You’ve asked your questions. What’s the request?
Him: Have you forgiven me?
Me: Yes. What’s the request?
Him: Will you kiss me to prove that I’m forgiven?
Me: *naively thinking he was asking for the usual peck on the lips* Yes o.

So I gave him a peck and withdrew. He smiled, pulled me back to him and said, “That’s not what I meant. Just follow my lead and do as I do very softly.” I simply nodded, lowering my gaze while feeling some sort of embarrassment. He leaned in and pressed his lips to mine, slowly parting my lips with his tongue. Within a few seconds I got the hang of it, and I pulled him closer and kissed him like the expert that I am now. *winks* We continued for about 30 seconds. And yes it was amazing!  

We dated till I got admission into university and started opening eyes. Looool. #DontJudgeMe.

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  1. LOOOOL! Nice one Berry. More first kiss stories please. Eniwealth :D

  2. that made me laugh until i remembered i was in the library and then it reduced to that weird place between a smile and proper laughter that would look very weird to anyone looking at me right now.

  3. hahahaahahah.........awww thats so sweet and memorable

  4. sweet n so innocent,I love ur blog

  5. That is too KAYOOT!!! I'm here cheesing for her, lol.

  6. Damn! Women have good memories and are so detailed. Berry please have a special first kiss Fridays edition for the men ONLY I would really love to hear what they say

    1. Hahaha, guys would definitely not remember the details, they'll just remember the Kiss shikena. (If they even remember)...LOL.

  7. Very funny.. But sweet is well.. The *innocence* and simple pleasures of youth *sigh*

  8. .Aww! Mine was somewhat similar minus the jamb classes and eatery.


  9. Awwww really cute...LOL.

    Where are you my darling berry? Miss you plenty. *Hugs*

  10. This one really got me cracked up. Definitely my award for funniest first kiss. Thumbs up!

  11. haha...this person is really funny...


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