September 27, 2013

First Kiss Fridays :-*

Hello lovers!!!

FIRST KISS FRIDAYS is proving to be a popular series on my blog. Thanks to everyone who's sent in a story so far, and please tell your friends to send stories of their first kisses ever, first kisses with boyfriends/girlfriends, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, handsome/beautiful strangers, husbands/wives, you get the idea... It will be TOTALLY ANONYMOUS!

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Hi Berry. This isn't a first kiss ever, but a first kiss with someone I'd had a crush on for almost 10 years, if not longer. I had known him since I was 13 or so, but back then we were just friends and I never saw him as someone I was interested in. 2 years later, I moved to a different country and we didn't really keep in touch. A few years later, I'd heard from mutual friends that he moved as well, and I can't remember the exact period but we ran into each other. This time I noticed that he was this tall, dark, and handsome guy and I certainly realized how attracted I was to him. I think he had a girlfriend at the time though, so I just sat back and gisted with him and our friends. Another few years passed and I moved to his city for school, but by then he'd moved to another state, but we saw each other once a year after that. The attraction was still there, but neither of us was interested in a long distance relationship, so we left it at that.

Then two years ago, I wound up in a new city again (lol, I keep moving around like a gypsy), and who turns out to live 2 minutes away?!?! HIM! At this time, I was kind of talking to someone else, so I reached out with only the purest, platonic intentions (honestly). He was shocked that we were in such close proximity to each other and immediately called me, and said we should hang out. His friend's birthday was coming up, and there was a dinner and clubbing outing planned. He picked me up and we went out (as friends, remember) although the electricity between us must have been obvious, because people thought we were a couple. Dinner was nice, I met his friends, and then we went clubbing. At this point, things took a sour turn. He GOT DRUNK OUT OF HIS MIND! Like, someone was pouring straight Hennessy into his mouth! Alcohol is such a turn-off for me, and I was disappointed. By the time the night was over, I was scared of the drive home. He was driving slowly, but still swerving from side to side. I even had to grab the wheel a couple of times before we ended up having an accident. When I got home, I was ecstatic to be getting home with my life intact. But before I left the car, he asked for a hug and I gave it to him. Our faces were close to each other and we ended up kissing for a few seconds. It wasn't totally yucky, but it wasn't the fireworks I was expecting our first kiss to be. I turned and went into my apartment. The following morning, he called to say that he had a dream that we kissed. :-|

*interjecting here* BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I mean, sorry dear Reader, but the last line is just funny. Awww, sorry your first kiss with your longtime crush wasn't nice*

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  1. lol @my life intact, pele. and LMAO @he dreamt - for hin mind. u be real gypsy by d way.

  2. Lol! Aww!! Dts funny and a bit sad at the same time :s lol...funny jst cos..its funny nd sad cos something similar happened to me.. :( lol

  3. Hahahaha... so he thought he was dreaming when he kissed you. Awww.

  4. Awwww! The end was such a spolsport.kpele o,sorry.

  5. Ewooooo!!!!! Loool!!! Alcohol is a big turnoff for me also. So so sorry about the terrible way that first kiss with your crush went,that's really disappointing n it actually upset me to see it end this way!!

  6. LOOOL!!! I wan die...the last line had me laughing like a crazy person. That totally sucks though.

  7. Lmao


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