July 29, 2013

What I'm Listening to Now - Wedding Music!


What's up errbawdy? It's Monday, the skies are grey, there's a lil bit of a drizzle and I just got to work. On my drive though, I looked for a radio station playing soft or gospel music. I'm not sure if I'm a morning person, but I like things to be quiet during that time. If I was still in Atlanta, I'd most likely listen to NPR (or The Bert Show if I want to hear somn silly). Anyways, I found a station, can't remember which one, and the most prettiest song came on, from Fantasia Burrino's new album called End of Me. I think it's too pretty to not share, so here you go.

Isn't it just HAWT?! Doesn't it make you want to go look for somebody to love? I'm 100% sure I want this as a wedding song. Speaking of weddings, do you know that Cakes and I don't even have a song? You know, like couples have a special song that symbolizes their love for each other. If anyone asks what song we want to use as our first dance, we'd probably give blank stares and go round in circles trying to decide. He sha said there won't be any Flavour played at the wedding. ENH?!?!?!?! You people should help me to beg him o. "Nna, nkem, sweetie'm, Cake'm maka why? Biko, nyem Fulehvor."

I jest. I was at a wedding last weekend - Cakes made their cake (I should really show off some of his work here), and one of the favors was a compilation of love songs. Another pretty song I'd never heard before is Love Song by Candice Glover. Imma share it with you too :)

These songs just make me smile :)

What are your favorite love/wedding songs?

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  1. Replies
    1. Yup! How have I never mentioned it before? :-S

  2. 1. Fantasia Barrino's album is very nice. My favorite song is "In Deep" thats a good love song.
    2. Candice Glover is truth, she is teh most recent american idol. when she performed ths song, I kept rewinding and then bought on itunes. Have you heard the original and adele's version?

    1. I'll have to check out Ms. Barrino's album.

      I didn't even know who she was, but she's magical. I heard Adele's version yesterday, but I already loved Candice's so... I'll look for the original. I like my songs vintage :p


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