July 24, 2013

I'm getting that itch again...

Eww, not THAT itch! And not an insect-bite itch either.


Source - I'm not even lying though

If you ask my father, he'll tell you that I'm a shopaholic. I don't agree. I just like new things every now and again. He also thinks I have too many shoes. Again, I don't agree. I haven't even bought shoes this year!

The funny thing about it is, last year while thinking about what the focus of my blog would be about, I toyed with the idea of not shopping for the whole year! The blog would have focused on my creating and recreating different outfits and accessories, while flaunting my simplistic lifestyle. However, within 3 days of having that idea, I felt like going shopping :p

*Note* I've actually done a challenge where I didn't shop for clothes for one whole year. My sister and I were inspired by our church sermon on living a simple life, and that's what we did. It was hard at first, but became surprisingly easier with time. People looked at me like I was a strange creature when I told them what I was doing.*

HEY! I just got an idea! Maybe next year, I can do a No-Eating-Out Challenge! I would have been married already, and cooking (Cakes would too) in my own house, and it would be easier to plan meals ahead of time. And it would help with my failing weight-loss goals too...


So I really want to go shopping. Unfortunately, Nigeria isn't the best place to shop as things are usually overpriced. So when I feel this itch, I usually go online and browse the clearance and sales items (JCPenney.com is my new favorite place to shop online). More often than not, e-window shopping does the trick. I put all the items I like in a shopping cart, and when I see how much it comes to, I change my mind about shopping because this girl's trying to save money. And the truth of the matter is that I have A LOT of clothes already - enough to last me about 6 weeks of not having to do laundry.I don't have enough shoes though.

CONFESSION: I've been trying to declutter my room for the past one month. I get to 75% done, and then for one reason or another, it goes down to 25% done, and I get discouraged. I'll finish it soon and post pictures too.

Have a pretty week!

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  1. Lol I sure have a dirty mind I was thinking of a different type of itch when I saw your headline LOL

  2. Na wa 4 u oo. If only we were the same size, I could have come to take some clothes from you.


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