July 4, 2013

In typical dramatic fashion...


I am sooooooooooooooo bored.

It gets worse...

I am sooooooooooooooooo BORING!

What the heck has happened to me?

I started off this year with zeal and excitement, and ready to take charge of my life, ready to have fun, ready to explore what Lagos has to offer! I determined to try out new restaurants, go to art galleries, engage in different activities, visit new places (like Ghana and Greece), make friends with people that work in different embassies so that I can attend their parties learn about their culture!

Have I done any of these things? How about a big fat NO! The ugly Am-I-getting-old question is rearing it's grey haired head.

Even my 13 Goals for 2013 have been swept by the wayside. It's 6 months in, and I've successfully read just 3 books (I'm 3 books behind). Let's not even get started on the 90-Day Bible Plan. I got stuck at Day 30 or something. My makeup kit, I've used only a handful of times (I was supposed to be doing my makeup before leaving the house everyday). All the auditions I hear about are during work hours, so I can't go (and I got a non-speaking role in the new church play - I think God's trying to teach me humility). My weight loss............. it's playing yo-yo with me!

Lol, this picture's funny sha

Ok, enough wailing. It's time to get back on the 2013 Goals Horse! I resolve to go jet-skiing this month, even if I have to do it ALL BY MYSELF! :D *erm, if you live in Lagos and want to come with, please do*

UPDATE a few hours later: Someone's reading my mind in Lagos! Bella Naija literally just posted an article titled What are the Fun Things to do in Lagos). And not just that, I responded with the following comment:

Duuuuuuuuuude! I totally posted on my blog today about how bored I am! 
Ok, here’s my list of fun things to do
1. Plays at Terra Kulture, Muson Centre, etc
2. Freedom Hall has stuff to do almost everyday of the week. Tomorrow my friend, Bemyoda’s performing at Coral Blue in VI
3. I’m going jetskiing this month, with or without anybody in tow
4. Go-karting at GET Arena, which I haven’t actually done yet.
5. I hear there’s paint-balling at that rowdy beach
6. Go to a beach! Or a beach resort for more quiet
7. Go swimming at any of the hotels.
8. There’s salsa dancing somewhere on Thursdays, so I hear.
9. An art gallery or two, maybe?
10. Concerts, comedy shows, fashion shows, etc.
11. What’s the casino at Federal Palace like?
12. I met some guy that said he does tours of Lagos (he owns/manages The White Space in Ikoyi)
13. There are film clubs around. One meets at the White Space too
Erm, these are coming from someone who says she’s bored in Lagos and has done only 2 things on this list she just wrote… Go figure.

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  1. Jeez babe! you are one funny chick!. Oya ngwa ngwa! let's catch up! 6 months is plenty.

  2. You are bored? Na wa o. That word does not even exist in my dictionary, lol. I doubt I will ever complete my work any time soon.

  3. I tell myself if I lived in Lagos,I can never be bored.

  4. followed ur reply from Bella Naija...girl u had me rolling on the floor.

  5. Next time I'm in Nigeria I want to go to Terra Kulture and more art galleries. I did check out Bogabiri for a music performance and it was cool. This was in the evening though so the gallery part was not open - I will go back next time.

    PS. Recently discovered Bemyoda and am digging the neo-soul-esque-ness. (That is not a made-up word)


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