July 1, 2013

Isn't she a pastor's wife?

Hello lovely people!

How was your weekend? I hope it was nice, and better than the stewpid rain that fell nonstop on Sunday! Stay tuned for a post on my feelings about Rain in Nigeria vs Rain in America... yes, it's an actual topic I've thought hard about.

Anyways, I woke up this morning and saw numerous posts on Facebook, asking, "Erm, isn't Megan Good married to a pastor?" I was a little confused, until I realized all the chatter was about the 2013 BET Awards. So I put two and two together, deducing that it had something to do with her outfit. Of course, I turned to my trusty friend Google.

Well, I have a few things to say/ask...

  1. What's the issue exactly? Is it that she's wearing something this revealing? Or is it that she's a pastor's wife and shouldn't be wearing an outfit this revealing?
  2. If she wasn't a pastor's wife, would you care that she wore this? If she was Robin Thicke's wife, or if she was single, would it be an issue as much?
  3. She announced the award for Best Gospel Artist, or something along those lines. This was also another issue. Would anyone have cared if she presented the Best Hip Hop award?
  4. If Nicki Minaj or Gabrielle Union wore this outfit, would it matter?

    I'm not advocating the outfit. I personally think it's too much for a pastor's wife sha. If Jennifer Lopez had worn it (wait, she's worn something similar), it would just be another celebrity, another dress. As a pastor's wife, she's held to higher standards (fair or not) and it might have made her husband look bad.

    I've written a post earlier on Is being a SEXY woman a sin?

    What do you think?

    BTW - I think she looks hawt sha! Her body is banging x 10!

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    1. Its America...
      Personally I wouldn't wear it christian or no christian I wouldn't feel comfortable..

    2. I understand exactly what you mean regarding the double standard but unfortunately it just has to be that way. Megan good should be a symbol of what a good christian woman should be since she is now married to a pastor, and this includes dressing holy in order not to seduce other men (or women lol). Anyways it's her life and her choice tho so lets just let her live.

    3. I am just hearing about this, but Berry, let's be truthful to ourselves. As a pastor's wife, this is a No no. When a man sees this, the first thing that comes to his mind is sex. The nipples and all. There are many people that are trying to find their feet in christ, that come to church all the time. Its stuffs like this that confuses them. Let's not give the devil the chance he's looking for. Even in the bible, it is said judgement will start in the church first.

      In other news, I heard she married as a virgin.

      1. She wasn't a virgin but her and her hubby decided to be celibate and abstain until they got married.

    4. Yep. She's held to a higher standard as a pastor's wife but that wasn't even my issue sef because we can complain about the dress but her movie scenes are worse. It was more about presenting a gospel award in that get up it just doesn't gel.

    5. I watched the BET Awards and immediately she came on stage these are the first three things I thought: 1. Her hair is fabulous! 2. Her makeup is fabulous! 3. Haba Megan, why this type of boob exposure? lol

      Of course I know that as a Pastor's wife her outfit will be under more scrutiny than most by people but aside from that, I personally never like when the neckline of a dress plunges that low.

    6. Pastorss wives are supposed to set a good example. Dressing provocatively is therefore not something pastors wives should do. How can she advise young girls to dress decently?

    7. I saw this on FB too and yes it is a tad bit revealling. She is beautiful woman with a banging body and can wear more elegant yet sexy outfits than this. Just too revealing for and yeah remember that green dress JLO wore.


    8. The pastor himself is not converted! She is a nice girl, but as young girl she could not speak to me if I came to church dress that way and seduce her husband cause am sexier and sweeter than her anyways.


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