March 8, 2013


Hello berryful people,

It's Friday and it's sunny out here in Lagos. I wish my mood matched the sunshine. I'm feeling a little bit disillusioned and bored with my life. I feel like nothing is happening! Like I'm just sitting here and going from one day to the next... floating like a dandelion (Dandelions are pretty and it's been a looooooong time since I've seen one and that makes me sad right now). Do you ever feel like that? And it's silly because I've reached one of my major goals (speaking of which, I need to do a Goals Update post) and my blogging's moving forward (African Naturalistas, remember?), and there are a couple of other things I'm working on. I even have a busy weekend ahead of me - getting ma hurr done today (FOINALLY), want to go watch a Polo match tomorrow (I WANT TO WEAR A PRETTY DRESS AND HAT), and my dahling ChiDynma's performing at Bovi's comedy show on Sunday (WHICH I'M GOING TO)... so


  1.  I think I miss my family. I want to go home to Atlanta (I have 3 homes: Atlanta, Boston, Port Harcourt) and play with my adorable nephew. 
  2. I want to wake up in the morning and take an actual hot SHOWER, instead of fetching water in a stupid bucket - cold water from one bathroom, hot water from another bathroom (and the water smells and is brown in FREAKING Lekki!).
  3. I want to go shopping in a nice mall without worrying about the added Pay-For-My-Flight-Ticket-and-Customs-Money add-ons that Nigerian merchants tack on.
  4. I want internet that won't go off because PHCN took light.
  5. I want to live without worrying about power issues!
  6. I want Port Harcourt to become a city that makes sense!!! I'm totally going to disown PH if they don't take time - so blawdy frustrating.
  7. I want to be a US size 6/8 but keep my boobs the same size as they are now :D.
  8. I want a job that adds to my joy... and BANK ACCOUNT!
  9. I want to go to a beach resort somewhere and relax
  10. I want new shoes, new purses, and a knuckle ring that bends!
  11. I want to volunteer somewhere, anywhere! Wait o, I have a bag of rice waiting for me to donate.
  12. I want THIS GUY!
    33 yr-old Swedish Prince Carl Philip
  13. I want a beach-garden-cruise wedding (okay, not right this second)
  14. I want my hair to be loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong!
  15. I want a chauffeur if I have to stay in this blasted country
  16. I want a new car. A pretty one. A girly SUV. Like a purple or pink Nissan Murano with lashes. 
  17. I want to join Rotary and make a difference in the world. Do they have Saturday meetings on the island?
  18. I want a pretty, SERVICED apartment :( without having to haggle for one and pay a gazillion naira for it.
Maybe I should just go get my Massage + Mani + Pedi package that Cakes got for me, so I can relax. But do you know what bugs me? You go to a spa, get a massage and then come out to Nigerian stress as soon as you enter your car. 

BAH HUMBUG! I'm going to get a cuppa coffee.
Have a prettier day than I'm having. 


  1. Oh Berry I feel you on many levels, I am from PortHarcourt as well(been there the last 3 weeks) and that city is disappointing sometimes, when I go to Lag I am ashamed for PH. I find a mani pedi sorts me out and if you are in Nig, get them to come to your house instead, it will cost you but save you a lot of stress thank me later. xx

    1. "that city is disappointing sometimes, when I go to Lag I am ashamed for PH."

      Couldn't have said it better, myself

  2. Oh dear Nigeria is so hard. Don't worry u will get all these things and more.


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