January 8, 2013

Personal Business Cards

So I've recently been thinking about getting business cards, just not for work. Yes, I know it's random, but you know I'm random anyways so let's just run with it.

A personal business card would have

  • Your name
  • Your contact info - Phone number and Email address
  • Website or blog if you have one
  • A photo, possibly
  • Something that catches attention - either design-wise, a great quote or a witty line about yourself
Now, while I know I want a personal card, I can't help but wonder: Is it incredibly narcissistic? The reality is I just want them - no particular reason (shame on me?)

But they can be used for a great purpose - MARKETING YOURSELF!

And hey, what's wrong with that? In my Nollywood quest, a card like that could get into the right hands and before you know it, I'd be the next Genevieve, BERRY DAKARA, Actress Extraordinaire!

Here's a design I'm playing with on VistaPrint. 

I think it's cute!

And btw, the reason why you shouldn't have 20 nicknames and 10 email addresses, is because when you decide you want a personal business card, you wonder whether to have 6 different ones to go with your alter-egos. I wonder if Beyonce has separate business cards/email address for Sasha Fierce...


  1. I think I like it very much. I just got a vistaprint business cards as well. Can't wait to start dishing out mine.

  2. Good design and right template used.Business cards has become our necessity due to the changing business trends.Its now necessary to have more contacts and relations.


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