January 22, 2013

On Public Relations(hips)

Hey guys n gals!

Top of the morning to ya! Why do I always seem so chirpy? Maybe cos I'm sipping on a cuppa tea... That's besides the point.

Today, I want to discuss the matter of PUBLIC RELATIONS(HIPS). I'm not talking about couples who let everyone know that they are together. I'm not talking about the Facebook statuses of 'Berry' is now in a relationship with 'Dakara.' I'm talking about those couples who make it a point to invite their circle of friends and beyond, into their relationship.

My questions are:

  1. Why do I need to see a picture of you sucking face on my Facebook feed, BBM recent updates, Whatsapp updates, Instagram, and whathaveyou?

  2. Why do I need to know that your "baby" took a picture of you sleeping? Yeah, you slept... so did I. So did most other people on Earth.
  3. Liar, I can see your reflection in the mirror.
  4. Why must you have a 60-minute conversation with your honey on your Facebook and BBM profiles? You know how you can chat with someone privately? How about you do that? It's none of my concern that she just left your house and you miss her. Tell it to HER.
  5. You know those fake subliminal rants you post about "men" "women" "couples?" Thanks a lot. Now I know what he/she did to you. And so do your 5000 Facebook friends.
  6. Why put up pictures, statuses, messages, etc and when I say something, you tell me your relationship is none of my business? Yeah, I'm talking to you CHRIHANNA!

*wonders if my friends online and my phone contact list feel the same way when I post a million pictures of the cutest nephew in the world* :p


  1. hahaha, love this, So true

  2. lmao...cos they in luuvvvvv!

  3. #3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ROTFLMAO!!! The pic with the chick pretending she's asleep is just too funny


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