January 15, 2013

2013 Goals Biweekly Check-In

So, remember how I posted a Berry Dakara's 2013 Goals post? Well, I've decided that it's not enough to just post the goals and forget about them. I shall be sharing on a biweekly basis on any progress made and what improvements can be taken. I also didn't post what steps are needed, so here they are:

Goal Steps Progress
1. Live independently by the second half of the year (new apartment, new car) i. Determine cost of housing in desired area.
ii. Determine cost of desired car.
iii. Work out necessary saving plan.
i. I've started asking around for prices.
2. Get married by the end of the year i. Ask God for direction.
ii. Start studying marriage books. You gotta study for it!
iii. The rest is a secret.
i. I really ought to pray more :( God said to pray without ceasing.
ii. I plead the 5th.
3. Try out Nollywood i. Talk to my actor friend for pointers.
ii. Ask other friend with access to Nollywood to introduce me around.
iii. Pool the little Nollywood-esque body of work I've done from YouTube and spread.
iv. Also order personal calling cards.
i. Card designed, not yet ordered.
ii. YouTube compilation (just 2/3 videos coming soon)
4. Lose 13 pounds by my birthday and keep it off all year! i. Check weight everyday.
ii. Do the 10lbs Slimdown series which means going to bed and waking up early!
iii. Do the Max Capactiy Training app on BB Playbook
iv. Eat more healthy
v. Drink coffee no more than 2ce a week
i. Still hovering at my starting point.
ii. I sleep late, wake up late and tired
iii. Did the MCT for one week *I'm ashamed*
iv. Well...
v. Going well, I think. Actually, no.
5. Read at least 13 books (Bible included) by the end of the year i. One book or more per month and
ii. One Year Bible
i. I haven't yet chosen a book, but I bought a compilation of 4 books by Jane Austen. I will start THIS EVENING!
ii. I was going to sign up for the 1-Year Bible Plan on Youversion (see my Youversion profile here) but I took too long and would have to finish next year, so instead I've signed up for the 90-Day Bible Plan which is intense.
6. Put on my makeup before I leave the house daily i. Wake up 5 minutes earlier.
ii. Have makeup palette laid out for easy access.
i. Well, I'm still doing my makeup in the car. But I've been able to apply it at home a few days :)
7. Make one beaded accessory monthly i. Plan ahead - necklace, ear rings, rings... decide beforehand.
ii. Look up DIY blogs and Etsy for creative ideas.
i. I'm 99% complete with a necklace for January!
8. Have an emergency-only savings account with at least N1,000,000.00 by the end of the year i. Save N100,000.00 a month.
iii. List all monthly expenses (overcompensate, just in case)
iv. Put down income (maybe underestimate by a bit)
If difference is less than N100k a month, reduce expenses.
i. Well, I haven't gotten paid, but budget has been created.
9. Find and volunteer once a month at a charity i. List interests and things-that-touch-my-heart.
ii. Start researching online and via church.
iii. Ask parents if/how I can help with their philanthropy.
i. I know women and children's issues are endearing to me.
ii. I need to be more proactive on this one.
10. Go to England and Greece or Ghana i. Decipher when the next potential work break is.
ii. Start scouting tickets for that period on various airlines.
iii. Start contacting friends/family for accommodation purposes.
i. So far, I know the next break would be Easter.
That is all.
11. Read my Bible, pray every day, and fast more often i. Wake up early!!!
ii. Utilize YouVersion bible/devotional plans.
iii. Praying is TALKING to God, so just TALK!
i. Hmmm... I've been going to bed late and so I wake up late.
ii. And do you know that you have to practice constant prayer?
iii. I half-heartedly fasted with church last week - NO GOOD!
iv. Erm, I must discipline myself to read my devotional everyday, and stop playing catch-up every 3 days.
12. Follow Nigerian news weekly – not just entertainment news, and not just on Bella Naija i. Ask around and research Nigerian news outlets.
ii. Select and subscribe to 1 or 2 - email deliveries?
i. So I asked last week, but haven't gotten around to visiting Sahara Reporters yet. *Shame*
13. Get a fulfilling/rewarding job i. Write down skills, hobbies, interests.
ii. Update resume.
iii. Subscribe to job websites and keep an active lookout.
i. Well, I had previously subscribed to Jobberman but I don't check it religiously.


  1. Looks like you're making progress. We have similar goals for this year. Per reading the bible, I don't think I can read the whole bible this year but I'm making an effort to at least read it everyday. So far, I've prayed almost everyday and I like where I'm headed. I'm no where close to accomplishing my blogging goal...I haven't started reading any books, I haven't worked really hard on applying for news jobs...bad, bad, but I've discovered that my problem is that I haven't properly planned so I will do that this weekend. Thanks for this post! Best Wishes in accomplishing your goals!


  2. Thanks a lot!

    Yeah, a lot of accomplishing goals lies in Planning and Implementation. Make sure that each goal is broken down into simple steps that are easy to implement and manage. And you have to constantly look at your list of goals and do a Progress-Check. It takes some getting used to, but once you form the habit, it'd be hard to break :) Best wishes on yours.


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