November 18, 2016

Berry Lovely Links


I would typically be happy it's weekend, so that I can either take out time to rest or just have time off work, but I'm working tomorrow so :(. For those of you who have time to chill over this weekend, check out this week's set of links. My favorite is #4.

  1. Have you ever wondered Why Fashion People Wear The Same Thing Every Day?
  2. Here's how to stop Constantly Comparing Yourself to Others.
  3. It might not be everyone's cuppa tea, but I enjoyed Patricia Bright's tips on How to Look Expensive and Classy.
  4. 2017 is almost upon us, so it's time to ask 6 Powerful Questions to Make It An Awesome Year.
  5. These 3 Tips on the Blogger's Guide to Natural Light -  For Well Lit Photos are very good, and important to keep in mind.
  6. Finally, check out How to Budget As A Couple.
Hugs for the weekend!!!


  1. Hugs right back. Just opened all of the links to read. Shame you have to work. I've been looking forward to the weekend - because first proper holiday this year! Whoop.

  2. No. 6- How to Budget As A Couple will do for me... Good to plan ahead, lol...

    Berry you are one workaholic blogger i know. I wonder how you manage to create time to post almost everyday. I tried it once and i discovered ''e pass my power''... Keep it up

  3. Thanks for featuring my blog post!


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