November 22, 2016

BERRY WRITES - House on Fire

BERRY WRITES is a weekly feature where I will share my thoughts on different topics culled from my 300 Writing Prompts journal. You can look forward to them every Tuesday, and you're very welcome to tell me your experiences and thoughts as well.

Usually this question asks you to save only one thing, but in my journal, I was asked what I would save. However, I want to answer the former, so the one thing that I would save if my house was on fire would be:

  • MY PHONE!!! My phone has all the apps I need - bank apps, email apps, internet, bible app, church app, games, EVERYTHING!!! So why would I leave everything behind? I currently own a Samsung S7 Edge, and I LOVE my phone. This might sound bad, but sometimes I feel a little out of sorts when my phone battery dies. I almost feel like I've lost connection to the outer world. Although if we're being honest, every now and then, it's very necessary to unplug and experience REAL life as it happens around you.
What one thing would you save if your house was on fire?

1 comment:

  1. I know right.. My phone would probably be with me if the house catches I agree with you that it's necessary to unplug from the digital life once in a while.
    The Confident Woman: Joyce Meyer


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