September 15, 2016

Simple Protective Natural Hair Style


I haven't done anything hair-related in a while, and since you guys liked my hair from this post, and someone specifically requested it, I decided to record and post this tutorial. It's a very simple natural hair style that can be done on medium to long hair. Since my ends are tucked away, it's a protective hair style and if maintained properly, can be worn for up to a week or even more.

If you're able to recreate it, feel free to tag me or send photos!

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Oh, and definitely click the HAIR tab at the top of the screen to see other hair posts I've done.


  1. I just watched this on YouTube. So simple and beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing! I'll be sure to recreate.

    PreciousCore Blog

  2. Love it, never knew how to flat twist, thanks for sharing.


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