April 9, 2016

Berry's Bible Study: Worship

Hi everyone!

I hope you're having as mahvelous a weekend as I'm having. There'll be another Discover Georgia post up soon :) Of course, if you're on Snapchat and following me, you already know what I discovered this weekend.

Onto the topic of the day - WORSHIP. Can I tell you the truth? As a child, I thought worship songs were sooooooo boring! I loved the Praise part of the service, because we could clap and dance. But worship? Not so much. Getting older though changed my perspective. There's something about a great worship song that shifts or charges the atmosphere. Worship can take you through a whole variety of emotions from awestruck wonder and appreciation of God, to remorse and pleading for forgiveness of sins; to anticipated victory in faith; to humility and reverence of God that makes you fall to your knees and bow; and so much more. 

Of course, worshiping God is not done by singing songs only. We are meant to worship God with our bodies and lives.
I like this version from The Message too.

Worship is an important part of being a Christian and today I'd like to share one or two of my favorite worship songs. Okay, 4 of them. 

Mairo Ese - Nani Gi

Israel Houghton - Come Holy Spirit

Cece Winans - We Welcome You

Kenoly Brothers - You Are My Joy

Please share your favorite worship songs, or gospel artists in the comments. I need more contemporary artists and songs in my life. :D


  1. I like worship songs because it does bring certain changes to the atmosphere.

    No longer slaves by Jonathan David is one of my favorite songs. Elevation Worship has awesome ones too :)

  2. I love a good worship song. It can lift your spirit immediately no matter what you are going through and the words resonate as if you are hearing it for the first time.
    I am also a fan of hymns. Though i got to love it through my church where hymns are sung often. Gradually I started liking it.

    1. I guess a lot of us grew up thinking hymns were boring, but they're really not. One of my favorites is Great Things He Has Done. What's yours?

    2. Yeah! That's a good one right there.
      How great thou art, shepherd of my soul, Hold the fort, will thou be made whole and a host of others.
      Sometimes reading the history/ background of the hymn and its writer takes me back the moment they were written and what the writer was going through. Amazing stories. You realize this aren't anonymous words. Someone went through something strong to evoke emotions that led to such a hymn.
      Some recent ones I have googled are stand up for Jesus, and Hold the fort.

    3. They're just like Psalms. David was going through one thing or another or just basking in God's love and writing. You're so right!

  3. Big Daddy Weave is one of my favorite groups
    Overwhelmed Redeemed are a couple songs that really touch me

    1. Thanks Annette. I'll be sure to check them out. I've heard of Big Daddy Weave but doubt I know any of their songs.

  4. I LOVE hymns!! Best Best ever. I'm always pretty upset at church when they stop only at the first two verses sometimes. So I often sing on my own to the end.

    And that The Message version of the bible quote above is everything. On of the best things I've learned. Absolutely every single thing you do can be a worship and offering unto God. It is a conscious decision, but for example, my friend once explained, how about you say a one liner prayer every time you shut a door or turn on a light switch. Or before cooking you offer up the cooking process and your intentions to God. I could give a lecture on this, but let me stop here.


    1. Lol @ singing on your own to the end.

      Your friends tips are on point. Giving everything to God, and I mean everything, is something I struggle with but pray to do better at.

      P.S. one Christian marriage website said to do the same thing while "baking" with your spouse. Teeheehee

  5. I used to also kind of "dread" the worship part of church. When I was young I went to a catholic church with my grandmother which is NOTORIOUS for being gloomy and dreary. I personally think worship God should be fun and positive!! I now go to a church that is really just a congregation of awesome people trying to spread the word of God by living in his honor. The songs they choose are amazingly moving, anything buy boring. Sometimes I feel like dancing, sometimes I feel like crying. But happy crying.. You know?

    Anyway, great post! As for my favorites, I like Toby Mac. I also like Casting Crowns. Their "Thrive" albums is really great.

    Much Love!!
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. Awww, that's great! I wonder if that's how worship seems like to a lot of youngsters though, especially teenagers. Well I'm happy you enjoy your church and the worship.

      I'll give Casting Crowns a listen. I used to listen to DC Talk before they split up, but haven't really checked out Toby Mac.

      Thanks for commenting!


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