April 2, 2016

Ask Me Anything!

First of all, BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA to everyone that fell for my April Fools' Day prank! I spent the whole day smiling, giggling and chuckling. It was too much fun!

Okay, later on this week, I want to put up a post and/or a vlog with a progress report after being in Hamrika for one month. I already have ideas of what to talk about, but I thought it would be good to answer any questions you may have as well. Simply leave your questions in the comments below BEFORE Wednesday, April 6th so I can have the post/video ready on time.

P.S. It's official... CAKESIENA is taking orders in Atlanta! Call +1 404 993 3370 to place your cake orders!!!


  1. These cakes are always a delight to see. Every time!
    Glad to see you're settling in nicely.

    Question 1: Did you have difficulties settling back in, seeing as you had moved to Nigeria before and had also learned to settle in? Was it different? Do you still have this feeling of "I hope it was great moving back"

    Question 2: How are you doing, really? With everything.

    Have a fab week, Berry. Can't wait for the video!


    1. Thanks for the questions! I look forward to answering them :)

  2. Do you regret moving to Nigeria

  3. Yuminess all over this post though! Congratulations on being newly married! Wishing you nothing but blisssssss!

    Thanks for say hi on my site Berry! Looking forward to seeing more of your goodies


    1. Thanks! We're actually not newlyweds by definition anymore, but thanks a lot!

  4. Name all the different places you visited/lived at.

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