October 23, 2015

Special Event coming up!!!

Hey everyone!

How's your week been? I thoroughly enjoyed my time on radio with Uwanma and Valentine on Inspiration FM 92.3 on Wednesday. I'm sorry I gave such short notice... it won't happen again.
Which is why I'm thrilled to announce that in collaboration with Tuke Morgan and Cassie Daves, we are having a Meet and Greet event!!! 

I'm telling you ahead of time now o. Saturday, November 14th is the day! The time, venue and other details will be communicated soon. We've got amazing gifts from some great sponsors already - so much so that I'm actually jealous of the people who will win. If you'd like to sponsor a gift from your company or brand, please email tbcconnect@gmail.com and let us know before November 7th

If you're in Lagos, I fully expect you to be there! The price is just N1000. I'm sure you can sacrifice less than a movie ticket for me :p

To indicate interest please email tbcconnect@gmail.com or leave a comment here saying "I want to Meet and Greet!"

Sending all my love to you and yours!


  1. Lagos is always having the events. I will like to meet you but am not in Lagos.

  2. Wow this looks like such an amazing event.
    I wish I lived in Nigeria. I am very sure that it will be a blast.


  3. Hello Berry, this is a great idea and I love your blog. Meanwhile, I would love to meet and greet...Cheers!

  4. hey berry! i want to meet and greet

  5. A meet and greet will sure be fun. Please tell Oga (Cakesiena) to have some cakes ready too.


  6. i want to meet and greet!!!


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