October 6, 2015

Serious Dilemma!!!

I've been having this issue for a while, and I think I'm coming to my wits end! 10 years ago, I didn't have this problem. It's something that seemed to materialize within the past 2 or 3 years and I cannot for the life of me decide how it came about. I think I need your help in deciding how it started and what I should do going forward.

The issue is...

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If you'd asked some people 10 years ago, they would have told you that I walked better in heels than in flats - weird, right? For real though, the minute I put on heels, my gait and the way my hips swung made guys some people take a second look (*hides face*). But now, I put on heels that are more than 1 to 2 inches high, and immediately, my ankles, lower back and knees just HURT!!! I don't know if old age is catching up to me, or if it's because I gained weight last year, or whether I'm just buying the wrong shoes. Actually, it might be the last reason because since I moved back to Nigeria, I've bought shoes mostly online. That means I can't test the shoes in person first.

But geeeeeeeeeeeeez! It's really frustrating to finally get a new pair of shoes, and you can barely walk in them. I used to be the person that would secretly chuckle to myself whenever I saw a girl having difficulty in heels, and now I've joined them!

I'm not sure what to do now. I have some cute shoes that really give me stress, and I'm considering giving them away or selling them. What's the point of keeping shoes that you can hardly stand in, let alone walk in?

What do you think?


  1. I have joined you oh. I can't wear high heels anymore as well.
    I had to give a bunch away last month because it was hurting me. Now I mostly wear flats, a short heel or wedge.
    I guess it is what it is.


  2. Aww so sorry about that berry. Sure it isn't a medical issue? Sucks!

    In case you decide to give it out, the nfb yard sale will be coming up soon and you can sell them :D


  3. I'm a heels girl although it doesn't exactly suit my every day life but wearing them on Sunday's and for blog pictures is perfectly fine with me. As for what to do I agree with Cassie maybe it's a medical think, as for the shoes maybe sell them and try wedges or shoes with foam in them.

    Princess Audu

  4. Looolll. I'm laughing at you now. In fact, it is an evil laughter. Shebi you always look for my trouble na. I would have come to collect all your shoes cos they are really beautiful, but I prefer higher heels like the studded blue one. *sticks tongue out*

    The Robot who dressed in Human Flesh

  5. Thank God im not the only one. People that knew me way back still address me with the girl that likes heels but these days no matter how low the heels are, i just feel so uncomfortable and after few minutes my legs start shaking and hurting badly. I have stopped buying shoes with heels and only admire it from afar. My sister advises that i bear the pain instead of changing to my slipass whenever i manage to wear one that after the pain comes the comfort if i practice for a while. But mehn, the pain is just unbearable and i wont want people laughing at my unsteady steps cause that is what i do. lol

  6. I kinda understand because i also have issues wearing heels most time. But i think mi e is due to the commute and my job. Whay dont you find a brand you are comfortable with and stick with it. Ninewest is good they make fairly comfy heels.

  7. my dear e no easy. im not much of a shoe maven but i def drool wen i see a sexy pair. i like the black and white one and also the plaid one!

  8. Maybe check with a doctor, might be medical. But it could also be buying the wrong shoes!! I prefer going to an actual store to buy my shoes than getting them online because you can fit it properly and what not. Either way I hope you get it fixed and rock some heels again!

  9. i think u shud reli try them on before wearing them and maybe u should go for wedge that gives u a perfect balance


  10. So sorry Berry. Maybe you should check with a doctor and try wedges etc as @Sarah said above.


  11. Aww Berry! Pele.
    You probably can give some out, but my business side says to sell them! lol.

    I've never been a heels person really. I like mine with thick short heels, or I simply wear my comfy flats. I doubt your adding weight has anything to do with the heels though, plus, I remember you started working out. Your shoes are fiooone though!

  12. Ugh, I am with you my sister. I am now a sucker for comfort, unless I'm going to a nice event or something. I noticed that when I gained weight it affected my knees and I think that contributed to me being uncomfortable in high heels. I've lost the weight now, but have already been drawn into and stuck in my comfort mode! Aaahhh! - so keep trying different heels and brands if you can so you don't become like me! I still miss my cute cute pink heels that I gave away at one point.

  13. I feel you. I buy them and collect them but often default to flats. Now I cringe at the idea of anything over 3.5 inches. It started when I hurt my knee which stopped me from running for a while. I think exercise and stretching will help too. But it really seems like shoes now are just super high. I still rock them for church and events though

  14. berry.. sell them and try low wedges..

  15. So sorry Berry. Perhaps you should give them to your blog readers as "no reason give-away". Moreover, the yuletide is upon us again. So... Meanwhile, what's your shoe size? Mine is 39 ooo and I have my eyes on the nude one. what-do-they-call-it-again? I-could-swear-it-used-to-be-grandma-shoes-that-year! *thinking*

  16. I have the same problem. I think it started with buying shoes online. It's a difficult habit to break but I'm determined not to do it again. It has spoilt my love for heels and made me doubt my strutting-in-heels ability. From now on I won't buy heels until I've had a good walk in them.

  17. I also think it might be the last reason because I have the same problem. I actually do not have a single pair of shoes that I didn't buy online-and I hate them all. I am relocating, luckily, so I plan to dispose of all I have and replace them once I get to my destination.


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