August 19, 2015

RANDOM ALERT: Toss Expired Products


This is just a random, but friendly public service announcement from moi! About 2 weeks ago, something made me look in our medicine drawer. While going though it, I saw some medicine that I vaguely remembered, but I couldn't recall who they were for - Me or Cakes, and I certainly didn't know what they were for. So I decide to check the expiration dates of all the medicines and to my amazement, I saw some that expired over a year ago!!!

In the same way, earlier this year, I went through a kitchen cabinet and found a few items that were expired too!

So therefore, I thought I should put it out there as a reminder to look through your medicine and kitchen cabinets and be sure to toss out products that have expired.

You're welcome :D


  1. Hi Berry,

    Thanks for the reminder. I actually partially went through my kitchen last weekend and to my amazement one baked beans was expired. Hmmm. I thought I bought it sometime this year. I should go through the entire house this weekend and throw out expired products.

    1. Lol only one thing? I need to be better at housekeeping *hides face*

  2. Super important reminder. Thank you :-)

  3. Very good reminder. A couple months ago I had looked for ibuprofen or something like that and saw bottles of expired product! I need to be careful because the stores around me do a lot of buy one get one free promotions for vitamins and those expire faster than I thought!

  4. Thank you. This is a great reminder.

  5. More like finish the food up before it expires, lol. I can't allow food to expire on me o, lai lai.

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  6. I was in a generous mood last week when my friend came visiting. I had the baking bug sometime ago and bought a couple of cake mix and icing. Decided to give her the whole lot so she could have a baking session with her kids since the baking bug had left me. We headed to the cabinet and brought all of them out. Lo and behold - they had expired in 2013! Shows how keen I am at baking.... :)


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