August 28, 2015

Update on my break

You guys are just wonderful! Every single one of you that reads my blog. Especially those who left comments, and sent me messages. You are truly a blessing and I pray God blesses you in moooore ways than you can imagine!!! I was really feeling guilty about being tired and wanting to take a break, but I have to thank you for telling me it was okay to take a time-out. I even slowed down on Instagram and logged off for almost the whole day, and guess what? I didn't die! LOL. Like someone suggested, I might do a proper social media fast one of these days.

Anyways, someone very lovely sent me an email that literally made me cry at work. I was already crying over something else (I may share about what happened in a vlog soon), and then I got the email. It was so powerful that I had to print it and paste on my desk, and I look at it several times throughout the day. I also posted it on Instagram and Facebook. And I should post it here because if even one more person is blessed by the wisdom in that email, then it's more than enough.

Thanks a lot Feyi!!!
I'm feeling fresher and shall be back next week. I wish I wasn't doing anything this weekend, but I am, and I'll gladly share photos on Monday!


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