August 31, 2015

Berry Soyinka Weekend

Hey there!

How are you? How was your weekend? I hope you had a nice one. I kinda did. I tried to take it easy while still having fun. The highlights of my weekend were attending the Globacom event for Wole Soyinka, and meeting up with the African Naturalistas Team.

My dear dear friend invited me and some of her friends to the Glo event, "An Evening with Wole Soyinka." Honestly, I wasn't sure about going because I didn't want to worry about looking for a dress, and having to put makeup on. But at the last minute, I decided to go and I'm happy I did. It was a very nice, chilled event with dramatization of some of Wole Soyinka's writings, pretty good food, interesting panel discussions, and more.

But first, I met Bimpe Onakoya, makeup artist extraordinaire, and Maybelline Nigeria's Artistic Director. She did my friend's makeup, which was absolutely lovely. I wish I could show her face, but she's camera-shy.

Chee and I wore black, trying to go for "mature" ladylike looks.

And then we met Richard Mofe Damijo aka RMD. He is so smooth!!!! When we went to ask for a photo with him, he said, "Of course, wow you are so beautiful," and I promise, I almost turned around to see who he was talking to! I mean, sure, Chee is beautiful, but me? Moi? I almost fainted.

Then the man of the evening walked in. This man is 81 years old and he walks faster than me! And trust me, sometimes I walk like a soldier on an errand, so it's safe to say that he is strong! I wish Nigeria would do something to keep our elderly active and engaged, because I'm sure that staying busy helps people like Wole Soyinka and my grandfather strong.

A few more photos...

There were 3 younger-generation writers on hand to give readings from some of Wole Soyinka's books, as well as conduct panel discussions with him.

The performances were really nice...


I forgot to take a photo of the souvenir bag, but it included a pack of 4 of Wole Soyinka's books. Awesome sauce!

On Saturday, I went cake-delivering with Mr. Cakes.


And then, I went to meet up with the local African Naturalistas Team members. We met up to discuss ways to make the AN blog more engaging for our readers. If you're one of them, please send your suggestions over.

 On Sunday, we went to church, came home and I took a 3-hour nap. I'm surprised I eventually was able to sleep at night. Anyway, that was my weekend. I'll share a post tomorrow - 10 Things Chee learnt from the event with Wole Soyinka. Have a pretty week!


  1. so good to know you are out of the pink bubble...have a great week ahead


  2. I wanted to attend this one. Did everything Glo asked me to and they 'djabored' me. So sad. Nice to see you enjoyed it and had fun. Next time take a 'sis' along, aii?

    1. Ah ah, what happened? Was there a contest or something?


  4. Yaaay!! I am on your famous blog!! I will become a 'celeb' :D :D

    RMD loooks sooo yum! Yikes!!!


      Let him talk to you then you'll know yum

  5. Aww love the red dress. so pretty!

  6. Very nice. The Wole Soyinka thing would be right up my alley.

  7. grooving all the way.. i likey. nice pictures too

  8. That cake sha. Cakes is so talented. Glad you ended up resting well.

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  9. awww beautiful ladies @the selfies...and RMd..okay i comment my reserve...
    Wole Soyinka looks sooo fit...Lord help me ohhh, wana be strong too when i'm all old...means starting right now...


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