August 17, 2015

Berry Culinary Weekend

Hey y'all!

How are ya and how was your weekend? I hope none of you are hungry because this post is all food and nothing else! My darling friend invited me to an evening of learning how to make some gourmet, fine dining dishes at The Culinary Academy, and it was honestly a lot of fun! It took longer than I anticipated, but then again, we got there kinda late. Ah well, there was great company, wine, and lots of very very good food!

We started off the weekend with a wedding on Saturday morning - Cakes made the wedding cakes for the couple.

I didn't get to take photos of us (long story) but I managed some selfies in the car :)

By evening, I went off to meet my friend at her place, and then we headed to The Culinary Academy, which is located at 50 Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi. I heard about Culinary Academy a few months ago, and a few friends and I had planned to go for a class, but our schedules never lined up. This time around, it was just me, my friend and her brother. We were taught by Chef Fregz, and Chef Tiyan (she owns the place, I believe).

We had a fun time, I can tell you that and I think everyone should do something like this at least once in their lives - in addition to wine tasting, which I haven't done because I'll pass out drunk :p

Enjoy the photos - I can't remember the names of anything we made. Hopefully, Chef Fregz will send me the menu and we can put names to the photos, aye? (He came through last minute!!!!!)

Our starter was Black Cod in Chorizo Tomato Watermelon Broth. Yup, there was watermelon in it, and I loved the slightly sweet and fresh  taste it gave to the dish. Fregz plated the first dish, and had us plate it for ourselves.

For our entree, we had Pork and Feta Ravioli (we made the pasta from scratch), Cured Duck Breast, Port Reduction, Rocket Puree; Scallops and Lobster with Pumpkin Puree and Coriander Foam.

For dessert, we made Pear Rosemary Crumble with Ginger-snap Ice Cream. (BTW, my friend's brother and I couldn't stop eating the Ginger cookies for the ice cream). 

So fun stuff, right?!?!?! I'm hungry :(

The Culinary Academy's contact details are below (thanks Folayemi for the reminder)

Website: They have brochures and class schedules posted
Address: 50 Raymond Njoku Street (off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.
Phone: +234 (0) 808 335 5268 or +234 (1) 212 0552 or +234 (1) 212 0553

BBM: 7F4A0F90
Instagram: @culinaryacademyngHours: Monday to Saturday: 8AM to 6PM

Have a lovely week!


  1. great blog :)

  2. How very gracious of your friends to actually take the time out to teach you this.
    It must have been A LOT of fun!!!!! What I wouldn't give to swap places with you! :)

    1. We had lots of fun really. I just met Chef Tiyan there, and Fregz we've known for a few years. Many thanks to my friend for arranging for us to attend the class though

  3. Really beautiful pictures of food. But those dishes are so tiny, they can't even satisfy a new born baby, lol.

    Modern Day Religious Manipulations

    1. Lol, trust me we were full by dessert. The food looks tiny but in between we were drinking water and wine, so our tummies were happy.

  4. I so want to try this (Culinary Academy), Always imagined that I will find it exciting

    The food looks good, I am jealous (You had fun)

  5. Oh my the dessert looks so gooooood! Does the Culinary Academy have a website or page that one can use to get more information about their classes ?

  6. Lordie! The food looks soooooo yummy!!!!!! Looks like something fun to try out (the academy that is)

  7. Fun!
    Wine-tasting involves spitting out the wine oh. So the good news don't get drunk. The bad news is...where's the fun in that? Lol.

  8. Very nice!

    I always enjoy reading about well-detailed process, pasta from scratch! I am very impressed.

    The quality of the pictures are great. Everything looks so yummy and vivid, like I could eat it off my laptop screen, Lol

  9. Yum!! P.S loving your hair (wig)...x

  10. The cake that Cakes made looked amazing.
    I love the idea of learning how to make gourmet meals

  11. what a fun way to spend your weekend, culinary class! looks good too! I always wanted to take cookery lessons. Oh and those cakes look amazing!


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