September 1, 2015

10 Things I Observed at the Wole Soyinka event - by Chee

Like I mentioned in my weekend post, Chee wrote about what she learned/observed at the Evening with Wole Soyinka event. I got her permission to share, so enjoy :)

I met Professor Wole Soyinka yesterday, and in less than 5 minutes I made some serious observations. I did not speak with him, nor did I get a PROPER picture with him, but my mind was definitely at work while he spoke, and I started to think what makes him sooooo different from any other person I have ever met. I guess I would call this:

  1. If you want to make a difference in life, you are called to STAND OUT not fit in. All of us trying to be a copy of a copy of a copy are diminishing our worth.
  2. Fame (and fortune) will seek you when you are servicing a need that has not yet been met in society.
  3. You have to unashamedly stand for what you believe in.
  4. The mark of a great leader is by how many other leaders he helped build, not by how many followers he had. ‪#‎inspiresomeone‬
  5. Don't be afraid to be controversial. That's probably the only way you will be heard.
  6. Human worship is a sin, give honor to whom honor is due, but they ain't God tho!
  7. Professor Soyinka can probably beat me in a 100m race. At 81, he looks really strong.
  8. You will never know about something you don't know, until you seek to know. Have a healthy curiosity.
  9. Wisdom and knowledge are two very different things. Seek to have both.
  10. Above all, celebrate people while they are alive. Waiting for them to die before you celebrate their worth is almost an insult; in my opinion.
BAM! I think I wholeheartedly agree with everything she said. 


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