April 21, 2015

SPONSORED POST: Learn Personal Makeup and Gele Skills with CHLOE'S MAKEOVER

Hey hey hey! I've got a great deal for makeup enthusiasts, and people like me who wish to UP (or should I say start) their makeup game. Like someone commented on my IG page a few weeks ago, these days, people are more willing to take you seriously when you look well put-together - and yup, that includes makeup. Makeup should ENHANCE our look, and I'm glad Chloe includes Everyday Makeup vs. Party Makeup tutorials in her class. So, take a look at this amazing deal, book a spot, and come and show off your skills to me :D

Hi Dolls,

Back by Popular Demand!!!!

Chloe's Makeover Presents A 1- Day Intensive Training on Makeup and Gele Tying.

Have you ever wondered how to apply flawless makeup like a pro? Do you still struggle with your gele? Not sure what makeup products to keep or bin? Don't worry anymore! Register for our hands-on training and acquire all the skills you need to know about personal makeup application and gele tying. All classes are privately taught with not more than 2 students in each class to guarantee maximum focus and learning. Our classes now include Saturdays to cater for those who have very busy weekday schedules.

What you will learn:
  • Skin Prepping
  • Everyday Makeup
  • Party Makeup
  • Fixing Lashes
  • Eyebrow Grooming
  • Tools & Products for Makeup
  • Gele Tying Techniques
Please note: This training is strictly for personal use. 

FEE: ONLY N10,000

Classes have already started and will end Friday, 26th July 2015

Training starts each day at 10AM prompt at Chloe's Makeover Studio, in Surulere, Lagos.

You get to choose any day which is most suitable for you, but spaces would be confirmed when payment is made. To book a space or for more information please call 08085966225 or send an email to chloesmakeover@gmail.com

Students are expected to come along with their makeup and at least 1 gele to practice with, but will have access to more products to use in the studio. And every participant goes home with a free makeup product!!!

So what are you waiting for? Register now as it promises to be fun and worth your while.

I can't wait to meet you all...



  1. That woman looks beautiful. great post

    1. She is. If you're in the area, or someone you know, they should sign up!

  2. I really want to learn oh but can they teach everything in one day?
    I don't even have any makeup to come with. Lool


    1. It's a 4 to 5 hour intensive, and PRACTICAL class with just you (and maybe one other person). Taking stock of whatever makeup products you have, Chloe will help determine which ones you should keep or throw away. Moving on from that, she will show you how to apply your products to achieve different looks - and she will give you recommendations for other products you might like.

  3. hurry ladies ...her make up game is strong,she is already my wedding makeup artist .....

  4. Her work looks good. If I was in Lagos , I would have signed up pronto....

  5. Her work looks good. I have forwarded the link to someone who wants to learn. I am unfortunately not into the whole "face painting" undertaking.


    1. Ooooh, cool, thanks! Yeah, it's not for everyone. But I'd like to be able to do a full face of party makeup.

      And learn how to do a blawdy winged eyeliner!!! And put on false eyelashes. And define brows - or more like, tweeze correctly so that any defining is minimal.


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