April 27, 2015

Berry Inspired Weekend


How was your weekend?! I hope it was foine and dandy. Mine wasn't half-bad. Not as much activity as I'm used to, but I liked the easygoing pace. I had 2 conflicting things to do on Sunday - a makeup class (similar to the one being run by Chloe's Makeover) and a women's meetup to talk about personal finance. I couldn't decide which to go for, but ultimately went for the finance event = Money over Makeup! I'm still going to do the makeup thing at a later date though.

But before that, on Saturday, I lazed about at home. Cakes went on his deliveries and I gave my hair a little TLC, and decided to cook. The way I approach cooking usually is by deciding on a key ingredient I want to use, and then building the dish around it. I knew I wanted coconut milk, and decided to make a Sole and Vegetable Coconut Curry over a bed of Whole Wheat Spaghetti and Plantain - hehe, check me out, I'm fancy!

I sincerely hope that it made you hungry, because as I type this, I feel like I'm going to faint from my own hunger.

BTW, I wanted to post some photos of the wedding cake Cakes made for Saturday, but the photos were confusing to me, so manage this Aeroplane cake, okay? FOLLOW HIM ON INSTAGRAM - Cakesiena!!!

The main highlight of the weekend was the event called "REDEFINING FINANCE," organized by Glory Edozien. Glory runs The Inspire Series aimed at encouraging women to live, love, pray and be inspired. The topic of yesterday's event centered on Finance, and there was a key speaker, Arese Ugwu (Smart Money Africa) a few panelists - Uzo (Uzo's Food Labs), Elaine (ShoMya Makeup), Aurora (Brand Manager), and anchored by Wana Udobang (Radio Personality/Actress/Poet/MC/Everything You Can Imagine).

The event was free, thanks to generous sponsors who helped out in one way or another. There were about 100 slots, and the venue (The Social Place) was packed.

Arese Ugwu - Smary Money Africa
Arese Ugwu spoke to us about personal finances, from investing (5 things to do), to the real meaning of financial success to spending plans (aka budgets) and more.

After her session, there was a panel and questions like "How did you transition from a 9-to-5 to owning your business?" and "How do you manage your 9-to-5 paycheck?" were discussed by the different ladies. I couldn't really take notes during this part, but I tweeted some of the statements made.

Wana Udobang - Inspiration FM, and 5 million other things
Uzo Orimalade - Uzo's Food Labs and Cupcakes Couture
Aurora Moneyi - Brand Manager
Elaine Shobanjo - ShoMya 
The audience was really engaged and asked a whole lot of questions. Some asked what they needed to do to be inspired, others asked about making choices that may or may not be beneficial towards their career.

After about 3+ hours, the event finally ended. I have to mention that it started at 2:00pm ON THE DOT! Glory wasn't playing when she said it would start on time - kudos to her.

I met Frances (Imperfectly Perfect Lives Blog) and Chidinma at the event - very nice meeting you ladies!!! We just took a few random photos.

Adenike is another inspiring woman - she's an amputee but so vivrant! Check out her blue hair.

Dunno why I was so blawdy shiny - I need new MATTE powder for my face!!! Any recommendations?

I'll share a little more about the finances discussions in another post some time this week. For now, I gotta run. Have a lovely week!!!


  1. i wish i was dere... btw u look gud berrylicious... and yes u reli need a new powder


  2. Pretty nice weekend. All I see is the food and that gown which will look luvly on my bump. I love Uzo of Uzo's food lab esp her farm project which I'm hoping to start off soon, real soon. For the oily face, I tried a lot of things but the Milk of Magnesia works wonders for me, just a drop at the oily zones and my face stays matte all day at work(7am-6pm) while I budget for No 7 Beautifully matte makeup base or Becca Ever Matte Poreless Primer which have loads of good reviews. Also dis Primers work well with Oil free foundations or Powder eg Mary Kay Timewise Foundation and Revlon Foundation for Oily Skin. Then I dust a Shine Control Powder using a fluffy brush to set the foundation(not a makeup artist but learnt from youtube). Hope that helps.

    1. Awwww, a bump!!! Uzo's farm is going commercial, isn't that great?!

      Will buy Milk of Magnesia today!!! Maybe I need powder for oily skin.

    2. Really great, Luv her gardentotable project. Also I got the Milk of Magnesia from a Pharmacy (N1850) while the beauty sites sell it much more (N2500 - 3000).

  3. Those meals got me salivating but the recipe ...I don't know what but WHEAT!!!!!! what were you thinking but youstillrd managed your stage well

    1. It's good for youuuuuuuuuu!!! Even trying brown rice in lieu of regular rice too. And wheat bread. #TeamLoseWeight

  4. The food looks delicious,ahnahn, Berry the Chef!
    Random question, has anyone ever called you Berrycoco?


    1. Lol, nobody has. I used to be Berry Choco Latte though... still am.

  5. Berry!!
    Twas soooo nice to meet you!
    Buh I might mail you for some of the rest pics sha...
    waiting for your post on your notes, i'm certain i missed Something on my own post

    1. Nice meeting you too. I'll check for extra photos and email.

      Your notes were very robust o, so I doubt you'll find something you missed in mine. I'm making it into 2 posts cos Arese's session was long.

  6. Nice pictures and the food looks so good lol.

  7. Please feel free to add recipes to your blog posts. Something to look forward to.

  8. Goshhh do wonderful events like this ever come up in abuja!!!!


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