April 9, 2015

Berry Lovely Links

Hey everyone,

I hope your week has been going well. Have fun reading :D

  1. Lol, 18 Women Share What Contractions Really Feel Like.
  2. FINALLY!!! Shoes with interchangeable heels - go from flats to heels in seconds! Meanwhile, I had this same idea almost a decade ago o. 
  3. What if you moved to a new city and met someone who looked almost exactly like you - no, you're not long lost twins. It happened to this guy.
  4. Hehe, imagine if you had a famous name, like say, Beyonce?
  5. The power of Blogging! 50 Bloggers Wore the Same Dress and it Sold Out in Days.
  6. So you want to model in Nigeria? Cassie has some helpful tips here.


  1. Theses links are interesting, thanks for sharing. How is your week going?

  2. Shoes with interchangeable heels - now that is serious food for thought......

  3. Labor is truly different for every woman. mine was way milder than MP

  4. Berry loves to share! Thanks for the linkups, it helped my boring day


  5. 2 and 3 are totally amazing to me!



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