March 18, 2015

Berry Lovely Links

Hello Dakara Dahlings!

First of all, can I say I appreciate ALL the positive comments from my last post?!?!?!? You guys are TOO MUCH! You're all RAWK STARS!!! I hope your week is going better than mine. Yeah, been sick again - actually had to go to hospital on Monday night (apparently I might have eaten something) - BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh well, I'm better today, so thank God.

  1. Did you ever think any of your toys was haunted? Read Haunted Dolls.
  2. March is apparently Break Up Month, since nobody listens to my sound advice about breaking up in October. Anyways, here's who we typically call After a Breakup.
  3. Find out why this woman Doesn't Regret Getting Married but Regrets Having a Wedding.
  4. Want to exercise but can't find the time. Try these 7 Body-Sculpting Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV.
  5. Have difficulty falling asleep at night? Here are 20 Things You Shouldn't Do Before Bed. I do #1 ALL THE DARN TIME!!! And I wonder why it takes me one hour to fall asleep :(
  6. Hehehe, here's How to Use Pinterest to Create Better Outfits - I'm sure some commenters will be VERY HAPPY for me. I also think Instagram can be good for this. 


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